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Hillrock Estate Solera Aged Single Barrel K&L Exclusive

Shea Vineyards “Homer Vineyard” Oregon Pinot Noir Finished Cask Strength Straight Bourbon Whiskey (750ml)

The remarkable Hillrock Estate has brought a bevy of worthy innovations to the American whiskey world. Not only are they the first to bring back a farm distillery model since prohibition, but under the tutelage of the late, great, Dave Pickerell, they established one of the most interesting and robust aging programs in the United States. The solera system has been used in the production of world-class wine and brandy for centuries in Europe, most famously in Jerez for Sherry production. A solera can most easily be thought of as a pyramid of barrels. When it’s time to bottle, a little bit of liquid is pulled from each barrel in the bottom row. The space created in the bottom row is filled with a little bit of liquid from each barrel in the row above. This process continues on up to the top barrel, which is then topped up with the base wine, or base aged whisky in the case of Hillrock. As this system progresses the complexity and age of the spirit is ever increasing as long as the bottling volume remains relatively small. The end result for a whiskey solera that began with 4 year old spirit is a bourbon unlike anything else on the market. Add to this a lengthy finishing period in a fresh Pinot Noir barrel from one of Oregon’s premier wineries and top vineyards, Shea Vineyards – Homer Vineyard, and you’ve got a stunning bottle of whiskey. This Homer cask was bottled exclusively for K&L at cask strength and without chill filtration.

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