Whisky Wednesday & Ardbeg Arrrrrrrdbeg – Scotch Whisky News

I queued for two hours (online) trying to get ahold of this bottle, only to then see a three figure price tag…no. My heart instantly said no.

That’s never really happened to me before for any new release from a reputable distillery. Beyond this whisky being one of the most almond driven flavours I’ve ever experienced, in a very pleasant way. It’s very…quiet for an Ardbeg.

I know it was Mickey’s farewell bottle, and this may have been the type of whisky he preferred, but for the price, it should just have been more. More of everything.

I tried the Wee Beastie a few months ago, not yet reviewed on the channel, and that didn’t impress me either. Given Ardbeg’s £700 25YO release which I doubt I’ll try, they’re 0-2 in my book over the last two available, new releases



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