Fettercairn Reveals Its First Single Malts

Yesterday Fettercairn Distillery embarked on an exciting new journey, with the launch of its first ever collection of small batch single malt whiskies.  The Warehouse Collection pays homage to the places where Fettercairn comes of age, the 14 dunnage warehouses which boast incredible scarce treasures in the form of maturing stock.

Limited to 3,600 bottles, the first in the Collection, Warehouse 2 Batch No.001 brings together five different cask styles all filled back in 2010 and matured in Warehouse 2, where high humidity combined with a relatively cool and temperate environment makes it mark on the maturing spirit.

Just as the spirit of discovery has guided the creation of Fettercairn Warehouse 2 Batch No.001, the desire to share the specific details of this discovery process with drinkers and fans has been paramount. By inviting drinkers on this journey, this is a release where nothing is hidden and the fullest transparency is front and center on the bottle.

Whisky Maker, Gregg Glass said: “For some time, I’ve wanted to share the secrets and treasures which lie within our unique dunnage warehouses at Fettercairn.   We’ve had the opportunity to create something quite special with this new collection that celebrates the treasure trove of beautiful casks we have at Fettercairn. I’m looking forward to whisky drinkers discovering these for themselves. The collection means we can also continue to build on the long history of experimentation and exploration at Fettercairn, which sits firmly at the heart of the series, whilst also starting to reveal what might come next from the distillery.”

Celebrating the distillery’s tropical style achieved from the distinctive copper cooling ring distillation process, Warehouse 2 Batch No. 001 promises an intriguing and rewarding experience.  Melon, pear and honey with vanilla and ginger thrill the nose whilst creamy coffee, grapefruit, spiced apple and cinnamon to satisfy the palate.

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