ST. MAGDALENE (LINLITHGOW) DISTILLERY 31 Year Old Dynasty Decanter at The Whisky Barrel – Scotch Whisky News

Dynasty Decanter with real gold and silver decoration

31 Year Old St. Magdalene

A lost Linlithgow distillery bottled in hand-blown ATLANTIS crystal


St. Magdalene 31 Year Old Lowland single malt Scotch whisky. The Dynasty decanter was created to celebrate the evolution of Scotch whisky distilling during the 200 years spanned by seven Stuart monarchs. Cast in silver and decorated with pure gold medallions of the heads of the seven Stuart monarchs. The hand-blown decanter comes from one of the world’s leading crystal-glass manufacturers; ATLANTIS. Bottled by Hart Brothers.

A malt that is both vibrant and complex in nature. The nose is rounded with notes of ripe citrus fruit, almonds and sherry-soaked sponge. There are also hints of menthol and a slight peat aroma.

A soft Lowland character layered with sweet sherry spice. Brown sugar, toffee, more fruit and salted dark chocolate with a warming spice.

The finish is considerably long and reflects the palate. More fruit, toffee and spice, with a lingering finish of barley sugar.

St. Magdalene’s malt whisky distillery was established by Adam Dawson at Linlithgow in 1824 and opened shortly thereafter. The Union Canal flowed right by on its southern doorstep and the Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway steamed right past on its northern flank ensuring easy access to rapidly expanding markets. St. Magdalene’s Distillery closed in 1983, later converted into private housing and is now a lost Lowland malt whisky distillery. All the whisky from St. Magdalene’s four stills went into blends during its working life, the few single cask bottlings are a modern development and listed amongst their limited number is Carn Mor’s 1982 vintage.

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