Merry Christmas from Wemyss Malts!


From the whole Wemyss Malts family, we’d like to wish you a Merry Christmas. This festive period has been like no other, and we’re incredibly thankful for all of your support throughout 2020. May you have a wonderful Christmas Day and we hope to see you in the New Year!

Merry Christmas from Glenfarclas

2020 has been a very unusual for everyone, and here at the distillery many things changed.  But we wanted to reassure you that the whisky making continued!

The year started normally with Brian filling cask 1 back in January.

We followed government advice and shut down production for a few weeks in spring, but come June, we had a delivery of fresh sherry casks ready to fill post lockdown.

To make up for lost time, we kept production going during the summer, and we even put George Grant to work filling some casks on his birthday back in August – the first time in his 44 years that we have been producing on that date.

We rounded the year off yesterday, with John Grant filling the last cask of the year.  So don’t worry, come 2030 or 2035, there will still be plenty of Glenfarclas from 2020 for you to drink!

We usually share tales of tastings an events featuring Glenfarclas from all over the world…  Obviously, that couldn’t happen this year.  So like everyone else, we had to adapt – and so George is now the King of the Zoom tasting!  On Tuesday evening, he carried out his 60th.

They have been enjoyed by clients all over the world, from New Zealand to Canada, but the largest number have been for here in the UK.  He has also become a professional at making up the tasting kits to allow everyone in the tasting to enjoy the same whiskies.

Every year, we like to have a Christmas Jumper day here at Glenfarclas and this, at least, survived this year even if we did have to keep our distance!  The team collected for our local food bank, Moray Food Plus, who were delighted with our donation.  They have been doing a brilliant job throughout 2020 making sure families were looked after and we were delighted to play our part.

Visitor Centre

The Visitor Centre remains closed until further notice.  We will be opening in 2021 but the date is still to be confirmed.  We will announce it via this newsletter and our Social Media channels.

Wishing all our readers a very happy festive season, wherever and however you are celebrating!

🥃 Happy Holidays from Virginia Distillery Co.

Happy Holidays From Virginia Distillery Co. 🥃

Hello friends, family, and whisky lovers,

Whew. 2020 has been quite the year. In the blink of an eye, December is here and the holidays are upon us. Shared below are some highlights that stand out in a year of uncertainty:

  • January – Our brand new botting house on site is completed (link).
  • February – VHW Port Cask Finished Whisky wins Best American Blended Malt in the 2020 World Whiskies Awards (link).
  • March – Our Visitors Center closes due to COVID. Whisky production halted in lieu of hand sanitizer production (link).
  • April – The inaugural batch of Courage & Conviction, honoring Dr. George G. Moore, is released. Direct-to-consumer shipping from our distillery to your doorstep goes live for the first time in Virginia (link).
  • June – The inaugural batch of Courage & Conviction receives a 91 point rating from Whisky Advocate (link).
  • August – Charity Cask, supporting the Nelson County Community Fund, is released (link).
  • September – The second batch of Courage & Conviction, honoring Dr. Jim Swan, is released (link).
  • November – Journey Cask Caledonia is released online, selling out in two hours (link).
  • December – We raise a glass to you, our wonderful fan base. None of this would have been possible without your support this year. 🎉

Through all the ups and downs that 2020 sent our way, we’re thankful to have you come along for the ride as we continue to bring American Single Malt whisky into the spotlight. We’re looking ahead to 2021 with excitement and cannot wait to show you what the new year will bring.

If you’re looking for that last minute gift, a bottle of Courage & Conviction under the tree might just do the trick. Our whiskies are proudly on the shelves of retailers in 23 states. Use our store locator on our website to find a retailer near you:


Alternatively, get the perfect stocking stuffer for your friend or loved one in the form of a gift card through our online store here. Gift cards on our site can be used for whiskies if they’re shipping in the state of Virginia.

From our home in central Virginia to yours, we wish you and your family the best. We’re looking forward to welcoming you back to our Visitors Center and hope that 2021 will be the year that happens. Until then, cheers and be well this holiday season.

Here’s to Courageous Beginnings. 🥃

– The Team at Virginia Distillery Co.

Happy Christmas from everyone at the Cotswolds Distillery 🎄

Thank you to all our Cotswolds Distillery club members for your continued support during this extraordinary year.

All of us at the distillery wish you and your families a safe and Happy Christmas and we hope to be able to welcome you back to our beautiful Stourton home in 2021.

Kind regards,
The Cotswolds Distillery.

Lagavulin, 12 White Horses

Lagavulin ?Pure Islay Malt? White Horse (75 proof, OB, UK, 1970s) – Lagavulin 12 yo White Horse (75 proof, OB, UK, 1970s, SC295) – Lagavulin 12 yo White Horse (43%, OB, CINOCO Brussels import, Belgium, 1970s) – Lagavulin 12 yo White Horse (43%, OB, Para Espana, 1970s) – Lagavulin 12 yo White Horse (43%, OB, Auslandisches Erzeugnis, German import, 1970s) – Lagavulin 12 yo White Horse (43%, OB, Carpano Torino, Italy, 1970s) – Lagavulin 12 yo White Horse (43%, OB, Montenegro Zola, Italy, 1970s) – Lagavulin 12 yo White Horse (43%, OB, UK, glass-moulded horse in bottle shoulder, early 1980s) – Lagavulin 12 yo White Horse (43%, OB, UK, early 1980s) – Lagavulin 12 yo White Horse (43%, OB, Montenegro Zola, early 1980s, SD133) – Lagavulin 12 yo White Horse (43%, OB, Montenegro Zola, Italy, 1980s, SD170) – Lagavulin 12 yo White Horse (43%, OB, French import, 1980s, SD522) – Lagavulin 16 yo White Horse (43%, OB, UK, +/-1990)