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Silver Springs “Barrel #15321” Cask Strength Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey (750ml)

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This undeniably original expression comes one of Kentucky’s finest operations, while the contract prohibits the disclosure of its source and it is from one of the new distillers in the state, there are few out there who would argue that it’s not making some of Kentucky’s best rye whisky. This special mashbill was developed by the illustrious Ed Kohl, industry veteran and Keeper of the Quiach, a totally original take on the old recipe. Distilled on the traditional Kentucky bourbon column still with a traditional doubler. Ed envisioned fa “sweet rye” with a higher-than-normal malt and corn content. This might give you some clues to the source as the great rye recipe he’s referring to when telling this story is from across the river and has migrated to Kentucky at certain choice establishments. The mashbill -65% Rye, 15% Corn, 20% Malt-was distilled in a single batch and filled into newly charred 200L white oak barrels in fall of 2018 and transported to Ed’s warehouses in Tennessee. The barrels are stored in the hot and humid southern climate and this barrel was harvested in fall of 2022 at cask strength without chillfiltration. No other high quality American whisky distiller is offering 4-year-old cask strength single barrel rye for less than $40. You may try to guess the source and we’re certain hope that you do as it’s one of the best values in rye whisky on the market today. Expect it to be a deeper, sweeter side of rye that still packs plenty of spicy character.

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