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Torabhaig’s Peat Elite Membership makes a dram fine Christmas gift for your whisky-loving relatives

Give loved ones the gift that keeps on giving with Isle of Skye distillery Torabhaig’s Peat Elite members’ club. Discovering new single malts is one of life’s great pleasures, so why not give that joy this festive season? The Peat Elite is the perfect gift for those who enjoy peated whisky and are looking to expand their knowledge.

This club is more than just a mailing list: it’s a full immersion into the intricacies of Torabhaig’s elegantly rugged, smoky island single malt. The Peat Elite is a society dedicated to exploring the beauty of Torabhaig’s peated spirit, for the peat fanatics and those unafraid to get their fingers smoky. If this sounds like someone you know, they’re already among the ranks of the Peat Elite, so why not make it official?


Exclusive bottlings for members

The Spring and Autumn Club Reserve bottlings are without a doubt the high points of the Peat Elite calendar. Each one will be from a single cask, bottled at cask strength, sent out to Peat Elite members and available to nobody else. That’s right – only a Peat Elite member will be able to have access to these exclusive bottlings.

Every whisky that’s sent will also be accompanied by an online tasting with the whisky team, as well as a question and answer session. This membership is perfect for exploring the new whisky classics and it keeps on giving long after Christmas is over.

To learn more about Torabhaig Distillery and its smoky house style, look no further than Whisky Magazine’s recent distillery focus article, now available to read online at


Whisky wisdom

Members of Torabhaig’s Peat Elite will receive some very special and wholly exclusive spirits during the membership – whiskies that simply can’t be found anywhere else. By sharing the Torabhaig knowledge, members will learn everything there is to know about well-tempered peat.

There are many faces and moods to peat, and there is more to it than can be captured in a single linear chart of in-grain PPM values. For example, there is a lot to be learned through more in-depth analysis: by looking at the full spectrum of phenolic compounds and how they evolve as the spirit ages. This understanding is just one of the ways Torabhaig hopes to bring Elite members along their journey of exploration with distillers and whisky makers.

Learn more about Torabhaig’s smoky spirit at the link below.


Shaped by Skye

Skye is a uniquely awe-inspiring place. The island informs and shapes everything Torabhaig does, from the wilful climate that governs the rhythms of the distillery, the two burns that feed it with the purest island spring water, to the inspiration drawn from the rugged beauty of the wild landscape that surrounds it, the whisky is just one more expression of Skye. It’s Torabhaig’s muse as much as its home.

This is not the easiest place to get to, so this club was created to bring members closer to whisky-making on Skye. Torabhaig hopes to give Peat Elite members an exclusive window into the inner workings of the distillery at Torabhaig and an inside track on the development of peated spirit. Members are always welcome to visit the distillery in person and are guaranteed the warmest of welcomes.

Learn more about visiting Torabhaig at the link below.



Simply speaking, Torabhaig is the people who make it and for most, the opportunities to have direct contact with distillers and whisky makers are rare at best. This club is a window into the distillery, an opportunity to connect with the people who make the whisky, as well as with fellow Peat Elite members. Through regular guided tasting sessions and Q&As with the whisky makers, members will be part of the discussion and have the opportunity to go as deep as they want. Short of working at Torabhaig, there’s no way of getting closer to the action.

Building a legacy

This Christmas, get your loved ones the best whisky present of all time to discover and plot what Torabhaig Single Malt can become. Legacy is at the beating heart of the brand, because that is what will be built over the coming years. The Peat Elite Membership fee is £200 for members with a United Kingdom address and £250 for other countries that Torabhaig can offer membership to.


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