Scotch Whisky Auctions ‘138 Ends Tonight’ – Scotch Whisky News

The 138th Auction ENDS TONIGHT with over 9000 bottles to choose from.  With an auction this large we thought we’d save you some scrolling time, so we’ve highlighted a few special expressions!.

Macallan Red Collection 71, 74 & 78 Year Old 3 x 70cl

The Macallan Red Collection is one of the finest series of bottlings released in recent years.  This lot contains 3 of the oldest bottlings in the series, the 71 Year Old, 74 Year Old and the oldest bottling in the collection the 78 Year Old.  It’s rare to see even one of these come to the secondary market, so the chance to purchase all three in one fell swoop really doesn’t come around that often.  If this is something you’re collecting then this is an opportunity to purchase almost half the entire collection in one go.

Bowmore 1969 50 Year Old Vaults Series

This outstanding release is the final whisky in the acclaimed Vaults Series, the Bowmore 1969 50 Year Old. Matured in American oak ex-bourbon barrels and hogsheads, Bowmore themselves describe the flavour profile as ‘undefinable’ and boasting of an equally cryptic ‘enigma of flavours’.  This is the first time through one of our auctions for this grand old dram, and we expect there to be high demand for this vanishingly rare and exceedingly exquisite expression.

Springbank 1966 Local Barley Cask #441 75cl

The Campbeltown region, once known as ‘the whisky capital of the world’, produces some of the finest single malts in Scotland.  This Springbank 1966 Local Barley Cask #441 75cl is yet another spectacular dram from the Campbeltown distilling heavyweight.  Distilled way back in January 1966 this rare whisky was then held in a single sherry cask before finally being bottled in June 1990.  The 1966 vintages from the Springbank Local Barley Series have steadily grown in legend and stature in the whisky collecting world, using only local malted barley and bottled at a mighty 61.2% this dram is not for the fainthearted.

Macallan 1950 Tales of the Macallan Volume 1 Lalique Decanter

Finally, we’ll finish up with another remarkable expression from Speyside’s most famous distillery, the Macallan 1950 Tales of the Macallan Volume 1 Lalique Decanter.  We’ve had this through the auction a few times now and whenever we do it never fails to elicit a gasp or two from our staff.  As if the 1950 vintage malt wasn’t enough this breathtaking whisky is presented in a bespoke Lalique decanter which is itself housed in a weighty leatherbound almanac of the highest quality.

As well as these top-shelf drams we also have over 9000 other bottles to choose from.  With this many bottles in the auction there really is something for everyone so dive in to this month’s auction, start building your watchlist, and happy bidding to one and all!

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