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The Isle of Raasay Distillery has appointed South San Francisco based ImpEx Beverages Inc. as their new Exclusive USA Importer.

The inspiration for the Isle of Raasay Single Malt came from some older styles of Hebridean Single Malts. Styles that have been lost through the ages and are not as prevalent anymore. This became the inspiration for the Isle of Raasay Single Malt’s signature flavor profile: a lightly peated whisky, balanced with rich dark fruit flavors.

ImpEx Beverages launches Isle of Raasay Single Malt in November 2022 with four expressions, their flagship Isle of Raasay Single Malt Whisky, bottled at 46.4% abv., and three Peated Single Casks (Ex-Bordeaux Red Wine Cask, Ex-Rye Whiskey Cask, and Virgin Chinkapin Oak Cask). These three casks are one half of the distillery’s coveted six-part “Na Sia” Single Malt recipe, with the other half of the recipe due as Single Cask bottlings in 2023.

When asked about the partnership, William Dobbie, Commercial Director, Isle of Raasay Distillery stated, “We are very excited to be partnering with ImpEx, who have had many successful years building spirits brands in the USA. The Isle of Raasay Distillery team and I are delighted to be working with ImpEx and bringing our island spirits to US shores. ”

Sam Filmus, President, ImpEx Beverages stated, “Isle of Raasay Distillery and its team are dedicated to their rich history and live their story every day.  ImpEx Beverages is delighted to partner with them to share this passion with the US and delight the palates of its consumers with this very special liquid.”

Every drop of Isle of Raasay Spirit is lovingly distilled, matured, and bottled on Raasay, maximizing the influence of the island on the spirit and the distillery on the island.

Join the #RaasayWhisky journey in the U.S.A. by sharing your experiences with @impexbev | @raasaydistillery on all social platforms.

Isle of Raasay Single Malt will be available at specialty retailers across the United States.  For more information on this award-winning Single Malt including where to buy please contact us at Office@ImpExBev.com.

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