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Brauerei Locher and Authena Present a Swiss Premiere:

First Swiss Whisky Embraces NFTs

In cooperation with the start-up Authena, Appenzell-based Brauerei Locher presents a Swiss first: Authena provides the “Karl Locher’s 60th – Founder’s Anniversary Reserve”, a 60-bottle limited edition of the Swiss Säntis Malt whisky, with both physical and Blockchain-based protection in the Metaverse. Thanks to NFT digital rights, each bottle becomes a unique collector’s item, with NFC tags making it counterfeit-proof. The renowned Appenzell artist, Martin Fuchs, has created an exclusive painting for this special edition, depicting 60 select scenes from the Appenzell region and showcasing the beauty of the Appenzellerland, home to the Säntis Malt whisky and founder Karl Locher. Buyers of an anniversary-edition whisky also obtain a corresponding NFT image which forms an integral part of the bottle and can only be traded freely in connection with it.

This special bottling by Brauerei Locher is offered as an exclusive, limited, and numbered edition of 60 bottles and is dedicated to Karl Locher himself, who turned 60 and initiated this project. The distillate from eight different exclusive casks, matured in the largest whisky cellars in Switzerland, was combined to produce an exquisite Single Malt whisky. Amongst other distillates, the “Karl Locher’s 60th Founder’s Anniversary Reserve” contains the very first Swiss single malt whisky. The new make spirit matured on the premises for at least two years in 80- to 140-year-old beer casks soaking up a fascinating history of our ancestors. Afterwards they get the second maturation in carefully selected cask of different origins, giving the whisky its distinctive flavour and colour. A personal statement by Karl Locher, the 60 whisky bottles tell company and family history in their own unique and authentic way.

Bottle and image belong inseparably together

“Innovation always starts in the mind with a bold idea and the courage to take risks. The idea for this limited edition arose in a conversation with Authena about novel technical possibilities of an NFT insert, in which real objects can be secured and inseparably encoded with virtual images. The picture accompanying the whisky shows an Appenzell landscape, where essential raw materials for the production of these exclusive whiskies come from,” says Karl Locher, owner of Brauerei Locher and founder of the renowned Säntis Malt. Karl Locher collaborates with 40 Swiss farmers who grow two-row barley in Appenzell’s and the Bündnerland region’s highlands (1100–1400 masl), which is used in the whisky alongside Alpstein spring water.

First Swiss whisky on the Blockchain

Information about the individual whisky bottles can be accessed at any time by using a smartphone to read the NFC tag applied to the bottle. At the heart of the system is Authena’s blockchain-based technology, which makes it virtually impossible to counterfeit exclusive bottles by protecting each individual unit with an NFC physical-digital. As soon as the bottle is opened and thus the seal is damaged, a corresponding message appears the next time the NFC tag is read by any user via smartphone.

This technical solution offers the greatest security to the clientele and at the same time enables permanent interaction between the involved parties and the final product. “This new crypto technology promises a new level of security for top global products. Our blockchain-based technology combined with physical-digital seals make product counterfeiting economically non-scalable and therefore unprofitable worldwide,” says Matteo Panzavolta, CEO of Authena AG.

Each of the special-edition bottles of the Karl Locher’s 60th Founder’s Anniversary Reserve”, strictly limited to 60, corresponds to an NFT. In this particular case, the NFT is proof of authenticity and ownership in the form of 1/60 of the 60-part Appenzell art piece by Martin Fuchs.

Each NFT image corresponds to a specific bottle and cannot be separated from it. As exclusive property of the owner of the respective bottle, it is recorded in a crypto wallet, making counterfeiting impossible. All owners become members of an exclusive circle at Brauerei Locher, giving them access to invitations to events, guided tours, special discounts and subscriptions.Brauerei Locher

Brauerei Locher AG is the most sustainable brewery in Switzerland and has been an independent, family-owned business for five generations. Diverse and high-quality specialist products are inspired by a drive for innovation and include way more than renowned beer specialities such as Quöllfrisch. Next to its core business, Brauerei Locher is the only Swiss brewery to employ ten people to develop, produce and market high-quality foodstuffs from by-products.

Brauerei Locher whisky

The production of high-proof beverages from grains or potatoes (staple foods) was illegal in Switzerland up until 1999. This law was repealed on July 1, 1999. Under the strict supervision of the Swiss Alcohol Board, Brauerei Locher had started producing the Appenzeller Säntis Malt whisky a year earlier and launched it in 2002. Both grains grown in the Swiss mountains and Alpstein spring water are used to produce this whisky. It is the only whisky worldwide that matures in beer casks that are up to 150 years old, embodying decades of brewery and tap tradition from over 100 breweries in Continental Europe. The distillates have been recognised on several occasions at international competitions, with the “Dreifaltigkeit” edition being voted the best European whisky by Jim Murray in 2010 with 95 out of 100 points.


Authena is the world’s leading provider of blockchain-based authenticity and traceability-as-a-service solutions that enable infrastructure-free end-to-end communication between producers and end consumers. Headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, the start-up was founded in 2018 and employs 22 people internationally. The company combats counterfeiting, parallel imports, and detours of e.g., pharmaceutical, and premium products worldwide. Using active and passive IoT devices, such as NFC physical-digital seals, brands can guarantee the authenticity of their products, detect unauthorized interactions with their goods in real time, and communicate their sustainability efforts directly to their consumers. Authena is committed to ecological and transparent production lines and sustainable trade systems.

Caption: Martin Fuchs, artist: 60-part “Wonder-Wanderland Appenzell”.

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