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The Dram House Buffalo Trace Antique Collection Raffle

Milroys of Spitalfields
Tuesday 13th December

On December the 13th we will host the annual raffle to allow our Dram House members to buy some of the most looked after bottles of American whiskey on the market.

This will give our members the opportunity to purchase one the following at retail pricing:

Pappy Van Winkle 10
Pappy Van Winkle 12
William Laure Weller (2021)
Thomas H Handy Sazerac (2021)

If you would like to be in with the chance to get one of these sought after bottles, please hit the button below to enquire about membership!


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The Balvenie & Caroni Tasting Experience: A Rare Discovery From Distant Shores

Friday 2nd December

7:30pm – 9:00pm

£70 ticket price

You will be walked through the tasting by Alwynne Gwilt (UK Balvenie Brand Ambassador) and given the chance to try the new The Balvenie 27 Year Old aged in a Caroni cask, along with the opportunity to try a Caroni from the same vintage as the casks used for the whisky.

 The Balvenie Founders Reserve 10 Year Old (Original Bottling)

 Balvenie, The Edge of Burnhead Wood, 19 Year Old Stories

The Balvenie  1984 Single Cask American Oak (Cask Sample)

The Balvenie 27 Year Old A Rare Discovery From Distant Shores

Caroni 23 Year Old (1998), Thompson Brothers 

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The Balvenie 27 Year Old A Rare Discovery From Distant Shores

This story begins when the Balvenie Malt Master David C. Stewart’s long-time friend,  who knew he had found something special when he brought samples of Caroni Rum to David. David and the team recognised this too and, in 2014, to move some 20-year-old Balvenie from its traditional American oak Hogs Head casks into Caroni Rum casks. The result was a rum finish unlike any other. The additional 7 years spent maturing in the ex-Caroni rum casks changed and enhanced the whisky’s flavour profile into something truly extraordinary.

The Caroni Distillery

The Caroni distillery was established in 1923. It became part of the Tate & Lyle firm in 1936. Caroni was a key ingredient of the British Navy rations, where its famous high-ester ‘Heavy’ rums helped to make up the signature flavour. Sadly, with the decline of the Trinidadian sugar industry, Tate & Lyle sold a controlling stake to the government, before it became fully nationalised in 1975. Despite being self-sufficient, the newly established Caroni Ltd continued to lose money for the next 25 years until the government tried to minimise its ownership, selling off 49% of its share. Angostura were the preferred bidders, but a dispute over the value of Caroni’s warehoused stock scuppered the deal, and Caroni was closed for good in 2003.

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