Final Collection of 2022 – Scotch Whisky Auctions News

Our final collection schedule for 2022 has now been finalised. You can view the schedule and register your interest in a collection HERE

The deadline for requests is 12 noon on Monday 11th December 2022, after this time we will start working on the routes before contacting all customers with appointment details.

Home collections are available for those customers sending 10+ bottles or bottles to the value of £1000. Unfortunately this service is not available in London or to those customer who live within 10 miles of a collection point.

Collections are limited and offered on a first come first served basis.

It would be appreciated if bottles could be packed for uplift. In addition a submission form and label should be completed. Submission forms can now be completed via your main accounts page.

A winner in our auction? We are now offering a delivery (to collection point) service to customers who are dropping bottles off for a future auction. This service is charged at £12 (inc VAT), optional loss and breakage cover is available.

Submission Form & Label

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