Whisky Wednesday Reviews GlenDronach 18YO – Scotch Whisky News


It’s back.

After what has felt like longer than a year, GlenDronach 18 has returned with all of its dark and mysterious allure. But, and luckily, I’ve been able to compare it to an older release form 2016…will it stand up?

That is quite a loaded comparison, granted. But I don’t feel we’ve ever really got to grapple with a regular bottle of GlenDronach 18YO. Billy Walker spoilt us with his insane selection of casks and vatting it all with much older stocks. Was that something still viable with this product? Is the current range still doing that? The stocks are still there, I presume.

But let me know your thoughts about this new bottling of what can only be considered a modern classic by all who have tried it in the past.

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