Wolfcraig 30 Year Old Premium Blend – Scotch Whisky News

Due to be bottled in January, and shipped in February 2023. Special owners card from Master Blenders will be shipped following purchase. Our iconic first release represents a historical moment in Wolfcraig’s history.

This luxurious Blended Scotch Whisky is unique, not only because of the complexity and finesse that 30 years of maturation brings, but because of the partnership that has collaborated on it’s finishing touches.



“Between Richard and I, we have almost 100 years of experience. I don’t think there’s ever been another project like it”

It is very rare that two Master Blenders work together on one project, with each bringing their individual style. Richard Paterson and Ian Macmillan have utilised their long friendship and combined their peerless knowledge to become the ultimate partnership of Master Blenders under the Wolfcraig banner.


“This is a rare and luxurious whisky that really is something out of the ordinary. It is impeccably groomed and polished as a unique experience for the true whisky connoisseur”

Read the full tasting notes below to be taken on a sensory journey by the first expression of Rare Aged Blends from Wolfcraig.

Colour: Rich mahogany gold with dazzling copper highlights.

Nose: Bold & majestic as a veil of exuberance immediately arouses your senses with tantalising aromas of Seville orange marmalade, creamy caramel, Manuka honey and hints of lemon drizzle cake. Another wave of enticing nuances quickly follows on with freshly baked banana bread, sweet pineapple, Devonshire fudge and caramelised pear. A whisper of Ogen melon and sun kissed raisins completes this panoply of sensory pleasure.

Taste: This noble 30 Year Old Premium Blended Scotch Whisky has been specially selected from the Highlands of Scotland, in particular from the Speyside Valley to provide an additional level of pure elegance and refinement. However to take our Premium Blended Scotch to the peak of perfection, we finally married this icon in Aged Pedro Ximenez Sherry casks from Bodega San Andres in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain before we finally bottled it.

This meticulous wood enhancement programme has ensured the exceptional quality of the whisky is unsurpassed. Since it has remained in the finest casks for 30 long years, this masterpiece must be given all the respect and reverence it richly deserves by holding long in the mouth to fully tease out all these wonderful flavours of maple syrup, bitter chocolate, Pontefract cake and sweet sultanas.

A divine decadence of Cara Cara orange, crushed almonds and Napoleon cake drenched in Madagascan vanilla custard leads on to enrich the palate even further. A finale of creme brûlée, cape gooseberries and toffee apple completes this compelling portrait of pure beauty. A pleasing aftertaste of aged balsamic, espresso coffee and ginger drifts slowly away in the background.

Impeccably groomed and polished for the true whisky connoisseur.

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