Stellum Spirits Expands To Add Two New Expressions

Stellum Spirits, the regular release line made by Barrell Craft Spirits, has introduced two new Stellum Black specialty blends. These blends feature an alternate blending profile and incorporate rare barrels to create limited edition bourbons and ryes that deliver robust flavor alongside profound complexity. Blending in steps and with smaller batches allows the team to utilize barrels or parts of barrels that are particularly unique while still having a major influence on the character of the whiskey.

The base for all Stellum Black specialty blends is a blend of Indiana bourbon/rye, which is then layered with older bourbons/ryes from Kentucky and Tennessee, creating a unique, but everyday drinking whiskey. These are the two latest limited edition blends:

Hunter’s Moon

This warm, oak driven bourbon is made in preparation for winter,inspired by the Hunter’s Moon of October. It is marked by a high rye spice and a robust woodiness meant for the time of year when days get shorter and the nights get longer. Bottled at cask strength (115.52 proof)

The Lone Cypress

This savory and delicate rye blend is defined by notes of dried herbs and pine, with a hint of salt-air salinity. It’s named for one of the world’s most famous trees, found on the picturesque coast of the Monterey Peninsula. Bottled at cask strength (115.34 proof)

All Stellum Black specialty blends have an SRP of $99.

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