Finn Thomson Auchentoshan 1989 and Dufftown 1987 at The Aberdeen Whisky Shop – Scotch Whisky News

Finn Thomson Auchentoshan 1989 

32 Years Old The Rare Collection


Choosing this cask was an extraordinary moment. It was one of three samples from Auchentoshan Distillery brought along on a family camping trip with Finn, his father and grandfather to the Glens of Perthshire. This was one of two samples from the same distillation in 1989, and though they matured in dunnage only three casks apart, they could not be more different—which shows the magic of the cask maturation process.

At 32 years of age, Auchentoshan can easily be blown away by the cask. Yet here we have the trademark zesty fruitiness that you’d expect from a younger Auchentoshan alongside earthy, nutty, autumnal notes that have developed over three decades. A brilliant liquorice finish adds the wow factor you’d expect from such an old whisky.

Only 180 bottles were produced.

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Finn Thomson Dufftown 1987 

34 Years Old The Rare Collection


Originally the nutty backbone of Bells, Dufftown redefined itself as an ever so slightly more grassy style of whisky, now recognisable as Singleton in the modern day. Indeed, those old-style earthy and nutty notes are clear in this cask with a dark chocolate note shining through. How fitting it is that a whisky style originally produced for the blends of the time is now being consumed not only as a single malt but indeed as a single cask.

This cask is a personal reminder of how the world of Scotch whisky changes with time. While the names, stories and legacies will all stand the test of time, it is worth remembering that the liquid produced is ever evolving and changing. Just as no two single cask releases of Finn Thomson Whisky will ever taste the same – this Dufftown shows that even the most recognisable brands will also evolve to stay with the times.

Only 242 bottles were produced.

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