Six Ways To Enjoy Whiskey

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Whiskey and its popularity have never shown signs of people losing interest in this distilled liquor. With hundreds of available alcoholic options, whiskey is still one of the top choices for many. Moreover, the continuous innovation of unique whiskey flavors has provided consumers with numerous exciting options.

Its taste can vary depending on its chemical composition, fermentation, and available types, which include single malt, malt, grain, blended, etc. These whiskey options have enabled different drinking styles for people with different drinking preferences.

Looking for one that suits your style? Here are other ways you can enjoy whiskey.

1.  Neat or Straight

Simple is better. That’s what some people think when drinking whiskey. One common way to drink whiskey is through a straight-up. Whiskey straight up means drinking it without any addition, not even water or ice. This method may seem like a strong style to enjoy whiskey for some, but it can undeniably bring out and notably showcase the drink’s unique taste.

Of course, you need the right glassware to achieve an excellent tasting experience. A tulip-shaped glass or a simple whiskey tumbler is just right on top to bring out the ultimate flavor and scent of the drink. If you want to add a bit of luxurious spice to your drinking session, getting yourself a whiskey glass crafted especially crafted for you is also a great choice.

Whiskey is popular and widely produced in countries like the United States, Canada, England, Sweden, Japan, Australia, Scotland, Taiwan, etc. The rich drinking culture and booming industry in whiskey exportation in Australia has enabled the popularity of personalised whiskey glasses, with their use becoming widespread among whiskey lovers.

These glasses are crafted for personal use or as an excellent occasional gift, allowing people to enjoy an excellent drinking experience.

2. Whiskey with Water

Another simple way to enjoy whiskey is by adding water. The combination of whiskey and a few drops of water is believed to bring out more flavors and aroma to your whiskey. You can add water using a straw or a pipette and have the choice to add more depending on your liking or up until you finally get your desired flavor.

After adding water, all you have to do is give it a good swirl, and it’s good to go! How does adding water to your whiskey make a difference? Whiskey, when mixed with water, dilutes the beverage. This allows concentration and boosts flavor compounds, making it even richer in aroma. Some also prefer whiskey with water as it lessens alcohol burn when consumed.

3. On the rocks

Serving whiskey on the rocks means adding ice to enjoy the drink more. This whiskey-drinking method can provide a refreshing taste and experience. A little ice melt can enhance and bring out tasty flavors to your drink. Just make sure you don’t get to add too much ice to it, as the cold can numb your palate and might overpower the drink’s natural taste and aroma.

One great way to use ice in your whiskey is by adding big cubes. Big ice cubes can rapidly cool the drink and are less likely to dilute the whiskey than small ice cubes. If you also want some aesthetic addition to your drink, a Japanese ice ball can do the work for you. These are commonly offered in bars and are typically served by bartenders, paired with a bit of performance, before pouring whiskey into the glass with perfectly carved ice balls.

4. Highballing

Highballing is another creative and great way to enjoy your whiskey. All you need is the whiskey and any carbonated beverages you’d like to add. It can either be a soda, a simple lemonade, or a ginger ale. Most people prefer this as it can lessen the strong taste of the whiskey and make the drink even sweeter and lighter.

5. Warmed Up

Most people prefer warmed-up whiskey, especially during the winter season. It provides an approachable taste that many can enjoy. Moreover, you can also add something that can complement the drink.

Depending on your preference, some of this may include lemon, honey, or other spices. As mentioned above, the glassware you use can add to the drinking experience. With warmed-up whiskey, using a glass mug can be a great choice.

6. Mixing

The mixing method provides various top choices for classic whiskey cocktails, including The Manhattan, the Whiskey Sour, and the Mint Julep. The mixing method can be a good choice for drinkers who like exploring different whiskey flavors.

These different cocktails can come with different ingredients and garnishes to make this choice look and taste more exciting. Complimentary flavors like ginger, honey, mint, limes, and others are great additions to these cocktail drinks.

Final Thoughts

Exploring different ways to enjoy whiskey can vary from one person to another. With many options available, finding one that can suit your preference and interest is surely not a hard thing to do. Exploring these different methods is one great way to determine better what works and whatnot. Of course, a glass of whiskey is more enjoyable with great company.

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