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2010 Glenglassaugh 11 Year Old “Dramfool” Bourbon/Sherry Hogshead Peated Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky (700ml) $109.99 View

Glenglassaugh is a fascinating distillery located just outside the Speyside region on the outskirts of the village of Portsoy. It’s had a ton of ups and downs and multiple closures since its founding in 1874, but today is owned by Brown Forman along with Glendronach and Benriach. Generally known for its bright and fruity distillate today, it does also occasionally make peated malt. It’s that special peated version that we have here. This cask of peated malt spent the first 4 years of life in a Bourbon hogshead before being transferred into a refill sherry hoggie for the final 7 years. Bottled by Dramfool on 8/10/2021 at 56.3% ABV with no coloring or chill filtration.

2010 Dramfool 11 Year Old “Glenmarvellous #3” PX Barrique Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky (700ml) $149.99 View

11 year old PX Hogshead from “Probably Speyside’s Finest” distillery. While the famous family owned distillery doesn’t love folks using their ‘farc-in name, you can usually hint at it without much problem. Dramfool has taken the moniker Glenmarvellous for their stocks from this special Speysider. The 3rd release of Marvellous was a crackin PX hoggie and bottled especially for the 2022 Spirit of Speyside festival. Yielding a precious few 269 bottles (most of which were obviously sold at the festival) we were thrilled to see any of this make its way onto our first shipment from Dramfool. Dripping with sweet sherry and shockingly dark in color, this not to be missed for lovers of Speyside’s Best.

1994 Tomatin 26 Year Old “Dramfool” Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky (700ml) $229.99 View

Jim McEwan’s fingerprints are all over this bottling. It would never have existed without him and his relationship with Dramfool. The legendary whisky maker became Dramfool’s defacto consultant when he choose Bruce and Colin as the bottlers of his personal casks – the extremely sought after Jim McEwan Signature Collection. While Bruce and Colin won’t bottle anything they don’t personally love, they do send some samples to Mr. McEwan for his 2 cents. In this case – that 2 cent investment paid massive dividends. Two 1994 distilled 26 year old casks of Tomatin (#6422 and #11210) were sent to Jim for his thoughts on a special ‘dueling cask’ release and while both casks were delicious examples of older malt from this little Highland distillery, they only offered subtle differences. With half a measure of both casks left in his glasses, McEwan, relying on his nearly 60 years of whisky making experience, blended the two together and making something that is truly more than the sum of it’s parts. This 2 cask vatting jumps out of the glass with dessert fruits in syrup, toasted granola, sweet wine, and creamy malt. Dramfool, being a small and nimble operation, then took the opportunity to bottle a very small number of bottles from each cask before vatting, and then bringing those casks together for the primary bottling. If you’re looking for a great bottle of Scotch, try this. If you want to test your blending chops, grab the single casks and have at it.

2002 Port Charlotte (Bruichladdich Peated) 20 Year Old “Dramfool” Barrel #86 ex-Bourbon Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky (700ml) $499.99 View

Bruichladdich reopened in May of 2001 under Jim McEwan’s watchful eye. His legacy and legend grows even more with this cask. Nearly a year and a half after firing up the stills this magical cask was distilled by Jim on 10/5/2002. It was bottled 11/5/2022 for Dramfool’s Islay Festival release. This is one of the oldest Port Charlotte’s ever bottled and no doubt a legendary item for the lucky few to snag one. Only 30 bottles (out of a yield of 188) are being officially imported to the United States and they are exclusively available at K&L. Dramfool’s relationship with Jim McEwan has allowed them to bottle some of the rarest spirit on earth – again. It also affords them (and us!) the unique opportunity to use Mr. McEwan’s personal cask tasting notes.

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