Is Seasonal Advertising Still Effective for Brick-and-Mortar Businesses?

Remember: All Bars And Liquor Stores Are Brick And Mortar Businesses

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With the growing popularity of e-commerce, one of the main concerns of those who still have a brick-and-mortar business is how to attract customers who now live on the internet to their physical stores. The good news is that many people still like and prefer to shop at a “real-life store”, and they even spend more on other things that they weren’t even looking for in the first place.

However, the Internet makes it easier for online stores to promote their products and services. How to attract customers who still need to move to a physical location? One of the most popular ways is to invest in seasonal advertising. That is, the process of publicizing and marketing products on certain dates of the year, whether a holiday such as Christmas, Easter, and Valentine’s Day, or a season (the famous “winter sales” or “summer offers”).

Seasonal advertising can be extremely effective if well-timed and planned. Brick-and-mortar businesses have historically profited from seasonal shopping events, but is that still the case? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this tactic.

The Season to Shop

Seasonal advertising is a marketing campaign specially created for certain times of the year – and to take advantage of a greater number of consumers willing to buy than at other times. These strategies have been tested and used for decades by retailers and brick-and-mortar businesses, which create special promotions using seasonal themes to attract customers who still prefer to shop in person.

Seasonal advertising efforts can bring several benefits to brick-and-mortar stores compared to e-commerce, such as:

Brand Awareness

Have you noticed that Coca-Cola’s Christmas Trucks have practically become synonymous with the holiday? And although it seems like they’ve always been around, it’s a marketing strategy created in 1995. Investing in a beautiful and creative seasonal advertising campaign can do the same for your brand, attracting the attention of new and old customers.

You Appeal to People’s Emotions

Picture the scene: even if they already have their eyes on something in an online store, consumers passing by a beautiful window decorated with Christmas motifs may end up walking into the physical store and buying something they weren’t even looking for originally. These dates appeal to people’s enthusiasm, as these sales are considered a “limited-time offer”.

Special Prices Attract Customers

Seasonal campaigns often offer lower prices for a limited time, and this is one of the best ways to attract customers. Although e-commerce is faster and more convenient, reading “discounts” or “special offers” in big letters in a physical window is still irresistible.

A Great Time to Promote Certain Products

The same prices and special offers of the previous item can be used to get rid of those products that are still in stock. Winter is ending, and there are still a lot of scarves in the back of the store? Take advantage of the last few days to offer them “10% off”, and so on.

Surviving as a Seasonal Retailer

As times have changed, benefiting from seasonal buying trends also has its downsides. Your customer engagement, for example, can be high on the holidays and practically non-existent for the rest of the year. As a result, you will have an inconsistent income.

Although seasonal advertising is efficient, retailers with physical stores need to evolve and adapt to some changing buying practices instead of depending on certain times of the year to make a profit. Let’s take a look at some year-round brick-and-mortar strategies:

Customer Experience

Invest in an incredible customer experience to attract those consumers who still find virtual purchases too impersonal.

Marketing Graphics

While e-commerce has access to tons of memes, brick-and-mortar stores can use many marketing-related graphics such as colored signs, decorated windows, and static cling stickers to make a consistent profit throughout the year.


Create compelling in-store events like giveaways or product samples and even contests for prizes.For example, if you are advertising for a liquor company, offer whiskey samples at a holiday festival or winter event. Have full bottles available for purchase and ensure all branding is cohesive so attendees create a positive association with your brand. You can even plan a tasting event so you still generate income from ticket sales, but offer a freebie like a shot glass or a branded cup.

Complimentary Products

Give away some free items with your brand, such as reusable shopping bags, t-shirts, water bottles, pens, hats, etc.

Targeted Campaigns

Research your area’s demographic, social, lifestyle, and cultural data so you can create more targeted campaigns.


Open your store to charitable events by non-profit organizations or events that attract local communities.

Localized Search

Optimize your location on online searches to attract local customers looking for physical stores close to their homes.

Social Media Presence

Even if you don’t want to sell online, maximize your social media presence to ensure potential customers know you exist and find your physical address.


Attract new customers to your store by sending them coupons with discount offerings by traditional mail or email.

Unique Designs

Emphasize the physical experience by offering a unique and creative design in your store.

Invest in Emotions

The popularization of online shopping doesn’t mean the bankruptcy of brick-and-mortar businesses: their owners just need to adapt to a new world in which it is much easier and faster to shop online. Seasonal advertising is one of the tricks to attract more customers at certain times of the year.

But remember, you can deliver the same exceptional customer experience in your physical store year-round. A creative marketing campaign combined with good prices and unforgettable service is the key element to attracting even those customers who already prefer to buy through e-commerce. So roll up your sleeves and get to work!


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