Bar Etiquette Guide To Follow As A First-Timer

Your first time in a bar promises to be a thrilling experience, but it can also be the most overwhelming, especially if it’s a whiskey bar. You may land into trouble because you do not know the rules and regulations. Most Americans do it due to a lack of awareness. A little research enables you to have a safe and happy first experience, so experts recommend investing the effort before diving in. Here is a helpful bar etiquette guide you can rely on to have a good time as a beginner.

Commit to staying within the limit

Perhaps the most crucial rule to follow before your first bar visit is to stay within limits. But being the way they are, young people tend to overlook their tolerance levels even as beginners. Deciding on your limit and sticking to it is the best tip for first-timers. You can plan your first trip with a friend and request them to keep an eye on your drinks. This way, you are more likely to stop when you should.

Have your money and papers ready

Although you may pay your bill with a card, carrying cash is always a better option in a bar. Remember to keep some change handy because you must tip your bartender. Also, have your IDs at hand because American states impose an age limit to serving alcohol. The only way to prove your age is by showing a valid ID proof. So do check your papers before your first trip.

Research the venue

This one is a no-brainer because you will probably feel more comfortable in a familiar place. Look for one with add-ons, such as you can find a sports Bar in Northern CO that showcases games on a big theater screen. Such places are ideal for beginners because one is less likely to overindulge due to the excitement of the game. You can also check the menu online and decide on your order beforehand so that you do not look like a novice.

Wait your turn

Another unspoken rule every guy or girl must follow at a bar is to wait their turn. You may want to push to the front, lunge over the bar, and yell for the bartender as an enthusiastic beginner. But you may find yourself at the back of the queue by going overboard. Stay calm and wait your turn to get the best service. You may even try chatting with others around and making a couple of friends.

Take it easy

Beginners should take it easy and pace their drinks to stay in control. You will probably stay at the bar for a few hours, so avoid gulping your cocktails within the first few minutes. Also, avoid mixing different types of alcohol because the blend may not go well for beginners. Of course, you can explore the world of alcohol, but save your adventurous experiments for later.

Following these simple rules ensures a safe and happy first experience at a bar. Commit to staying safe as a beginner so that you can enjoy every session thereafter!


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