November relaxed Maltstock news!

Some relaxed news

We can hardly believe it’s already been six weeks since Maltstock! We’re still enjoying all the feedback since it was very positive indeed. It was great to see so many relaxed happy people. Your appreciation was also shown by the record number of early bird tickets sold. Amazing!

If you have ideas on how we can further improve, please do send us your feedback.

On our Facebook page you can find some very relaxed photos taken by Rolf, The Whisky-Photographer. And we would love to see yours as well, so please post them!

A big thank you to all our speakers and sponsors for making this edition possible and successful. What a fantastic masterclasses and “Drink with sessions” we enjoyed. And the Saturday evening story telling was (un)believable!


Maltstock 2023

Next year we will be back at our regular venue in Overasselt! Although we were very happy that we found a suitable venue this year, nothing beats the relaxed atmosphere of “het Buitencentrum”. The Ukrainian refugees will be relocated the coming months. Hopefully to more suitable accommodation. So business as usual again next year!

As mentioned we have sold a record number of early Bird tickets. But fear not, we still have tickets available. So you can still come and join the relaxed fun. Simply get your ticket here:


Twp weeks ago we were at the always so relaxed WhiskyBase festival. What amazing show these guys put up. It really is such a relaxed festival. Do check their website for next years tickets, because you should not miss it (we recommend the Sunday, even more relaxed)! Big thank you as well to Jürgen and Steven for their very relaxed assistance.

The next festival where you’ll find us is The Hague, 18-20 November. Always great to see so many old and new relaxed friends there. Stop by at our stand for a relaxed dram. The team will be there, together with some of our volunteers and you can even chat to some of our Maltstock visitors! Very happy to have Silvia and Dominique present to tell you about Maltstock from a visitor perspective. And a few people from our team are also still hosting the whisky trails.

Hope you have a wonderfully relaxed weekend!

Bob, Klaas, Stan and Teun

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