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Glengoyne 36 Year Old

Time may progress quickly for some, but at Glengoyne, we move at our own pace to create extraordinary single malt whisky that will stand the test of time. Our 36 Year Old Russell Family Single Cask is the perfect example of this. It was the first time three generations of Ian MacLeod Distillery family owners – Peter, Leonard and Tom Russell chose to bottle a single cask to celebrate working together. The whiskies richness, full-bodied character and finish made it a unanimous decision.

This exquisite and extremely rare 36 Year Old single cask embodies the Russell family legacy, who continue to honour and respect Glengoyne’s unhurried approach to whisky making and world-class wood policy.


Exquisite and Extremely Rare

Decadent and rewarding with a long finish showcasing the cask and spirit in harmony after 36 years in our warehouses.  This truly is a one-of-a-kind dram with only 402 bottles available worldwide and one of Glengoyne’s oldest whiskies ever released.

This silky rich, creamy, balanced malt gives way to tropical fruits, dried banana chips and chocolate cherry with a long, rich finish of sherry and spices.


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