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American Oak ex-Tawny

On Monday we release an American oak ex-Tawny, TD0320. We’ve been watching TD0320 very closely since December 2020 when the tasting panel first scored it highly. Witnessing the changes that came after, we saw certain flavour and aroma compounds come and go. All barrels go through phases. Sometimes there will be years between change, and sometimes it happens very quickly.

The tale of TD0320 is one of patience, restraint and skill. Yet another Sullivans Cove barrel has been bottled at the exact right time, thanks to the watchful eye of our team.

American Oak ex-Tawny: TD0320

A deeply complex and rich tapestry of flavours from all corners of the globe; blackened yakitori with plum sauce, Caribbean rum cocktails and an Italian summer of tiramisu, Chinotto and crostoli all meet within TD0320. And somehow, in true Sullivans style, the diverse spectrum of nuances are in harmony, and the intense and the gentle are married in a feat of complement.13 years old, matured in a first-fill 300L American oak ex-Tawny barrel, TD0320 yielded just 429 bottles.


Read the full tasting notes here

This whisky will be released via ballot.The ballot will open for 24 hours from 10am Hobart time on Monday 14th of November. Further details will be sent via email prior to the ballot opening.

A note on our ballot system.

Our policy is one entry per person, per household, per ballot. Our fraud detection algorithm detects multiple entries and removes them to ensure our whisky lands in the hands of our genuine supporters, so to ensure your entry counts, please enter each ballot once only. If you have any questions around our ballot process, you can email us at info@sullivanscove.com Successful entries will be notified shortly after the ballot closes.

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