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Glenmorangie extends technicolour brand campaign shot by Miles Aldridge

— Whisky invites drinkers to explore new corners of its delicious and wonderful world —

Last year Glenmorangie Highland single malt Scotch whisky welcomed drinkers into its wondrous world with a colourful brand campaign shot by celebrated photographer Miles Aldridge. It so delighted global audiences, that Glenmorangie is extending the campaign with six new scenes, inviting people to share the simple joy of its delicious whisky. Created in partnership with Aldridge and communications agency DDB Paris, with the tagline “It’s kind of delicious and wonderful”, the campaign’s continuation invites global audiences to explore new corners of Glenmorangie’s world, from November 2022.

Glenmorangie’s whisky creators are endlessly imaginative in their quest to dream up delicious whiskies. They craft their more delicate, fruity spirit in stills as tall as a giraffe, to create more space for taste and aroma. Then they age it in the world’s finest casks – all to bring joy to whisky lovers old and new. The desire to share this delicious enjoyment more widely, remains at the heart of Glenmorangie’s extended campaign, which depicts moments of indulgence enjoyed with friends or alone. Like their predecessors, the new scenes are rooted in the brand’s bold orange hue, and saturated with colour, a realm in which Aldridge is admired worldwide. With its more wonderful version of reality, the brand invites people to immerse themselves further in Glenmorangie’s world.

The campaign won hearts and minds around the globe when it launched in late 2020, and was described by Adweek as “a delightfully unexpected technicolor dream”.  Caspar Macrae, Glenmorangie Global Marketing & Business Director, said: “We’re so delighted with the impact of the campaign so far, and how wonderfully it has reflected our brand and our whisky, that we wanted to extend it further for drinkers to enjoy. With these new scenes, we’re inviting the viewer to step even deeper into the world of Glenmorangie, where everything is ‘kind of delicious and wonderful’.”

From a hot-air-balloon ride with friends to a visit to a barber shop or a trip to the fortune teller, each of the new scenes showcases a moment of delight, seen through Glenmorangie’s lens. Featuring drinkers enjoying Glenmorangie Original, Glenmorangie Lasanta or Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban, either neat, over ice or in different cocktails, they hint at the kind of indulgences large and small, so yearned for in Covid times.

Alexander Kalchev, Chief Creative Officer at DDB Paris, DDB said: “In the aftermath of the pandemic, we all have new appreciation for being able to spend time with friends, travel and treat ourselves. And we wanted to draw on that in the campaign, by celebrating moments of pleasure spent together, as well as elevating small moments you can have at home. Of course, working with Miles brings a wonderful richness and detail to the storytelling, which we hope will draw the viewer deliciously into Glenmorangie’s universe.”

Aldridge made it his mission to further elevate each occasion into a more wondrous version of itself, increasing his focus on the moving image, used larger sets and added playful, visual nods to Glenmorangie’s brand symbol, the giraffe, and anagrams of its name. He said: “Ambition really flexed its muscles through every concept. We were able to expand and think big and supersize everything. For example, the scene with the woman in the greenhouse, began with just a woman in a greenhouse. But then, it became interesting to me that she would have a greenhouse so big, it would have two floors and that she would need to ascend stairs to reach a gigantic plant creation. The use of visual clues to the brand: giraffes… anagrams… is far wilder and bolder. I genuinely don’t think consumers will have seen anything like this campaign before. It works in such an original way.”

To celebrate the launch of the new campaign in the UK, Glenmorangie will be opening its first ever ‘Wonder Hotline’ – an immersive pop-up phone box in Spitalfields Market, Shoreditch, running from Tuesday 15th until Saturday 19th November.

Adventure seekers are invited to step inside the bright orange phone box and answer a series of wild and wonderful questions; their answers will direct them to a local drinking hot spot to enjoy a free Glenmorangie cocktail – bars include: Cocktail Trading Company, Light Bar, Coupette, Milroy’s and Seed Library.

The Glenmorangie Wonder Hotline has been designed with floral artistry from LADYGARDEN and coincides with a takeover of the iconic Ebor Street mural with artwork created by Miles Aldridge.  Whisky-loving guests can also sample Glenmorangie cocktails alongside treatments booked directly at Taylor Taylor and Townhouse Nails between Tuesday 15th and Thursday 17th November.

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Campaign credits:

Client: Glenmorangie
Global Head of Brand: Louise Dennett
Global Senior Brand Manager: Rebecca Bell

Agency: DDB Paris
Executive Creative Director: Alexander Kalchev
Art Director: Nicolas Malcorps
Art Director: Mathieu Masse

Photographer & Director:
Miles Aldridge
Music: Michael Kiwanuka

About Glenmorangie:

Glenmorangie’s Highland whisky makers use endless imagination and five key ingredients – wood, water, barley, yeast and time – to dream up delicious single malt whiskies. Known as the Distillers of Tain, they’ve been honing their craft for more than 175 years. In Scotland’s tallest stills, whose necks are as high as a giraffe, they produce a delicate and fruity spirit, ripe for experimentation. Led by Director of Whisky Creation Dr Bill Lumsden, this crackerjack crew are on a mission to bring new flavours and possibilities to the world of single malt. 

About DDB Paris:

DDB is an international advertising agency, partially based in Paris (Omnicom Group). DDB is a full service integrated communication agency which combines creativity, culture and technology to bring to life ideas that unleash the business of brands. Working with brands in France and worldwide, DDB Paris accompanies Glenmorangie since 2018 on its global communication actions. 

About the campaign narrative:

Created in partnership with DDB Paris and Miles Aldridge, the campaign’s extension features seven moments of indulgence, elevated in the wonder-filled world of Glenmorangie. Shot in vivid technicolour, with an emphasis on Glenmorangie’s signature orange hue, each scene contains playful visual clues to the brand’s identity through drinks, anagrams of the word “Glenmorangie” and giraffe motifs (a homage to Glenmorangie’s brand symbol).

The details of each scene are as follows:

The Hot-Air-Balloon Ride

Three friends take a ride in a hot-air balloon in the evening. They land in the desert and watch the sun setting together, as they enjoy Glenmorangie cocktails. On the balloon’s basket is a sign reading “A Glee Morning”, an anagram of Glenmorangie. The brand’s signature giraffe can be glimpsed on the ice bucket.

The Barber’s Shop

A customer enjoys a neat serve of Glenmorangie in the barber’s chair, with a picture of a giraffe hanging on the wall, and the Glenmorangie anagram ‘Enamoring Gel’ displayed on hair care products. But when raises his glass to the mirror after his cut, his reflection is not quite as expected…


A young couple play pinball in a technicolour bar. On the side of the pinball machine is the Glenmorangie anagram “Mega Neon Girl”, while the game itself features giraffes, hot air balloons and drinks, with the girls’ final score 1843, the year Glenmorangie’s Distillery was founded. The cocktail is poured over a sphere of ice, in a playful nod to the pinball itself.   

Home Cinema

A man relaxes on the sofa at home in formal wear with his bow tie undone, watching a film featuring hot air balloons and the Glenmorangie anagram ‘A Ginger Lemon’, with his dog by his side. On a side table is a lamp with a stand shaped like a giraffe. 

The Fortune Teller

A group of friends pay a visit to a fortune teller, who is equipped with a crystal ball and tarot cards featuring cocktails and giraffe symbols. She predicts a cocktail for each of them, which then magically appears. A book on the table is titled with the Glenmorangie anagram ‘Gleaming Reno’.

The Green House

A woman ascends the stairs in a glass house filled with exotic plants. She makes her way past a topiary giraffe and a table featuring Glenmorangie and a cocktail shaker, and plucks from a bush the perfect garnish of berries for her drink. Signage amid the greenery sports the Glenmorangie anagram ‘Gleaning More’.

About the soundtrack:

The track used on the film campaign assets is Cold Little Hearts by Mercury Prize-winning British singer-songwriter Michael Kiwanuka.

About the making of the campaign:

The campaign’s new scenes were shot in Prague in February 2022. Designed and built by much of the same team as had helped to create the original scenes, the new set was highly technical, with scenes ranging from a two-storey green house to a hot-air balloon ride.

About where to the campaign will be available:

The campaign will appear globally in print, digital, digital out-of-home and social media.

About Glenmorangie’s brand symbol:

The giraffe has long been Glenmorangie’s brand symbol, as it is the same height as the necks of the Highland Distillery’s copper stills. The tallest in Scotland, their height makes Glenmorangie’s spirit wonderfully light and fruity. But although the giraffe is known and loved at Glenmorangie and across the world, few are aware of the threat it faces in the wild. Numbers have fallen by 30% in just 30 years – and some types of giraffe are now critically endangered. Knowing how urgently the giraffe needs help, in early 2020 Glenmorangie pioneered a three-year conservation partnership with the Giraffe Conservation Foundation charity, the leading international charity dedicated to giraffe conservation and management in the wild. In this way, Glenmorangie is supporting efforts to protect giraffes in the wild in Africa.

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