Whisky Wednesday Reviews ‘Ardbeg 8YO For Discussion’ – Scotch Whisky News


I’ve grown tired of Ardbeg in the past few years. Overly expensive bottles with fabulous yet distracting labels, with the whisky inside being underwhelming no matter which angle you look at it. I didn’t try all of the limited releases, granted. But from what I have tried, all the above applied.

But then I got to try this. Joe poured me a sample, and I was sold. A bourbon forward Ardbeg, over 50% with a young age on it. Wonderful, classic, what I want from Ardbeg, a whisky that is as interesting as most of the core range.

The Ardbeg 8YO for Discussion is something I haven’t heard many people talk about, I’ve seen a lot of people sell them despite still being available through Ardbeg’s website for a decent price. So, let’s start talking about this rather classic Ardbeg in a sea of expense.

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