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Fortuna Sour Mash Small Batch #1D (9/2022) Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey (750ml)



The Fortuna Brand was once one of the most sought-after and well regarded names in Kentucky. Founded by Phil Hollenbach in the 1870s and distilled at the once famous Glencoe Distillery, the Fortuna brand is finally back. Reimagined by the Rare Character team, Pablo Moix, Andy Shapira and Pete Nevenglosky, the goal of the brand has remained the same for more than a century, to share “the taste of good fortune.” Hollenbach was a legendary gentleman, having emigrated from Germany in 1869 he was running a successful blender and bottler by the late 1870s. His partners, the Stitzle Bros., distilled Fortuna and Glencoe at the facility in Louisville until at least early 1900s. The modern story is much the same. The greatest bourbon brands are great because of the exacting commitment to quality of their owners. There’s no question that Rare Character has been able to source top tier juice for this special product. Beyond the quality of the spirit, each batch is carefully blended by Pablo Moix, one of the world’s most experienced palates, to mimic the character of an original bottling of the Fortuna Brand. That’s right, Pablo meticulously puts each 6 barrel batch head to head with the original Glencoe juice to get as close as humanly possible to that legendary pour. Batch was bottled in late September of 2022. We’re proud to be selling Fortuna in California and we’re extremely excited to share this special product with our customers.

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