Whisky Wednesday Reviews Gold Spot 9YO, 51.4% – Irish Whiskey News


As a firm lover of Green Spot, Yellow Spot, and nearly all of Midleton’s ranges – out of the starting blocks, I must say that despite this being an anniversary whiskey, I’ve found it a little disappointing. But is that a surprise?

Gold Spot celebrates 135 years of Mitchell & Sons as a whisky merchant, and the relationship that has been shared between Mitchell & Sons of Dublin and Midleton Distillers. Building on a base of ex-bourbon and sherry casks, the intricacies of weaving in the powerful flavours of port and Bordeaux wine casks into the flavour of Gold Spot would have been a monumental task. Bottled at 51.4% ABV, a promising thing on paper but the flavours are muted The scents and tastes are ginger, apricot and loads of tea, but there isn’t a particular drive of it being memorable.

If that was the intention then that’s totally fine. But as with some other recent anniversary bottles (Ardbeg) this is, for me, a bit of a let down. But I also felt this way about Red Spot and Blue Spot. I haven’t reviewed those, but I wasn’t thrilled by them, which is odd given my love for Redbreasts core range. Perhaps the variable cask influences are cancelling out some fun?

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