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anCnoc celebrates modern makers with new Craft Cast campaign

anCnoc Highland single malt whisky is taking drinkers into the world of the modern maker this year, with a new partnership and event series celebrating some of the UK’s most dedicated craft producers.

The anCnoc Craft Cast will shine a light on the hidden corners of workshops and studios where the magic of craft production happens – telling stories of the people who share anCnoc’s passion for crafted products, made well.

The first partnership kicked off this month with Glasgow’s Overtone Brewing Company. One of Scotland’s most exciting and experimental craft beer producers, their creative brewing team takes inspiration from the culture of music to craft small batches of hop-forward beers for their growing fan base.

On Friday 15th July anCnoc and Overtone hosted an evening to explore craft beer and whisky, with guests enjoying beer and whisky pairings and a unique, after-hours glimpse behind the scenes on Overtone’s small brewery floor.

A mix of makers, media and craft fans savoured drams, sipped on an array of beers and even had a chance to get creative and dive into the world of design, developing new names and labels for future Overtone beer releases.

For anCnoc’s team, these partnerships are a celebration of the values they hold dear as whisky makers: traditional techniques and skills, slow hand-crafted processes and products imbued with the personal care and passion of the people who make them.

Stuart Baxter, Global Whisky Ambassador for anCnoc led the tastings for Craft Cast guests on the night. He said: ‘We hear the word craft a lot these days, and it’s easy to forget what it really means for true craft makers and the products they make. With the Craft Cast we’re on a mission to dig a bit deeper, stepping into the communities of some incredibly skilled craftspeople to explore their world and celebrate the values we have in common over a dram. The brilliant beer makers at Overtone were a natural first partner for us, and it was a pleasure learning more about the creativity, commitment and energy they put into every can of beer, at what was very relaxed and enjoyable evening’.

Kayley Barbour, Head of Overtone’s Brand Marketing added: “We’re very grateful to be working with anCnoc as part of their Craft Cast campaign and the event couldn’t have gone better, the brewery has never felt more alive. The entire campaign is an amazing opportunity for creative businesses to work together, think outside the box and engage customers in different ways.”

To accompany the Craft Cast campaign, anCnoc has commissioned long term collaborator, New York based Scottish illustrator Peter Arkle, to create a suite of hand-drawn illustrations to bring anCnoc’s passion for craft to life.

Also, inspired by the Overtone Brewing partnership, anCnoc has created a new microsite which will offer fun tips and help drinkers to find their perfect beer and anCnoc whisky pairing via a short quiz.  Visit:

Global Whisky Ambassador for anCnoc Stuart Baxter (middle) with the Overtone Brewing team

anCnoc Highland single malt Scotch whisky (pronounced a-nock) is crafted at Knockdhu Distillery in the small village of Knock in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Established in 1894, the distillery was built in an area with an abundance of the natural resources needed for making whisky: pure spring water and plentiful supplies of peat and barley.

Sitting in the shadow of the ‘Black Hill’ (Knockdhu in Gaelic) which gives the whisky its unusual name, Distillery Manager Gordon Bruce and his long-standing team dedicate themselves to the traditional craft of making excellent whisky every day.

In an industry where many distilleries aim to be bigger and better, Knockdhu is known as one of the smallest and most enchanting distilleries in the Scottish Highlands. And little has changed in the way whisky has been made here over the decades. Two copper pot stills replicate the original 1894 design, old fashioned worm tubs condense the vaporised alcohol, and Gordon’s team (and many dogs) make up one of the smallest workforces in the industry. Sustainability is at the heart of everything they do, including the ‘wetlands’ they’ve created in the land surrounding the distillery to naturally process the co-products of production.

As a result, anCnoc is a celebration of traditional whisky making, with skills handed down from one generation of Distillery Manager to the next, retaining the slow, hand-crafted techniques that make single malt Scotch whisky so highly prized around the world. But there’s nothing old fashioned about the finished products. These are light, fruity, refreshingly modern single malts, bottled and sent out to the world for everyone to enjoy.


Inspired by the culture of music, Overtone aims to bring people together, incite conversation and make memories through the enjoyment of craft beer.

Brewing in Glasgow since 2018, Overtone have quickly established itself as one of Scotland’s best and most creative craft breweries, encouraging a new thirst for New England style IPAs. There are new releases every week: from experimental hop combinations to exciting fruited sour blends, with a high standard and consistency that has won over the craft beer scene.

Head Brewer Dan Miller is from New Hampshire in the US and brings with him a knowledge of American style beers. This has allowed Overtone to consistently produce award winning New England IPAs that are loved by craft beer fans nationwide.

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