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American Oak ex-Tawny TD0309


Tomorrow we release an American oak ex-Tawny, TD0309.

TD0309 is a testament to the ultra high standards we set ourselves at Sullivans Cove.

In March of 2021, TD0309 scored very highly with the Sullivans Cove tasting panel, so we began watching it closely. It was then assessed on 9 different occasions between April 9 2021 and February 8 2022. Each of these 9 times, the panel was blown away by the flavour and texture of this rich American oak ex-Tawny, but it hadn’t quite reached its full potential.

Until now.

16 months since that first high score, and the scales have finally balanced for TD0309. We are generous with our time at Sullivans Cove, and we track our casks extremely closely because we want to catch them when they reach their absolute peak.

Until the panel is unanimous, we will not decant.

American Oak ex-Tawny: TD0309

Storm clouds of Dutch cocoa powder loom over an engine oil ocean – this is a whisky with serious backbone and a broad, rich flavour profile.

Sullivans Cove spirit, brought to you in the wrappings of toasty Australian Tawny, and 13.5 years of careful maturation. Both of these fighters refuse to go down, and the bell just keeps tolling.

13.5 years old, matured in a 300L first-fill American oak ex-Tawny cask, TD0309 yielded just 439 bottles.

Read the full tasting notes here

This whisky will be released via ballot.The ballot will open for 24 hours from 10am Hobart time on Tuesday 26th of July. Further details will be sent prior to the ballot opening.

A note on our ballot system. 

Our policy is one entry per person, per household, per ballot. Our fraud detection algorithm detects multiple entries and removes them to ensure our whisky lands in the hands of our genuine supporters, so to ensure your entry counts, please enter each ballot once only. If you have any questions around our ballot process, you can email us at info@sullivanscove.com Successful entries will be notified shortly after the ballot closes.

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