Whisky Wednesday Reviews Bushmills 10YO – Irish Whisky News


Bushmills is such a well known name, with well known staus across the globe, that sometimes ignorance from certain parts of the whisky community tends to run rife in the idea of commonality.

When I tried that 29YO Madeira Cask last year, my mind was blown apart by how good it was. But, where does trying to access whisky like that come from? Well the ability to release bottles like that to a baying fandom of whisky drinkers is all built upon regular sales of regular stocks, and personally, I believe that Bushmills 10YO is one of the best value single malts that exists on the planet.

Whether you’re into Irish whiskey, or not. Bushmills are responsible for such a huge chunk of the Irish whiskey world, that in my opinion, this bottle deserves some attention.

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