Kensington Wine Market “Malt Messenger No. 139 – The don’t reply to Andrew by email edition… he’s on vacation!” – Whisky News

Before we get to the whisky, a quick bit of other business needs to be addressed… Remember the infamous We Got Dodge Rammed incident in February?!

Well, it is finally happening: after a nearly 6-month wait, our entrance is finally set to be rebuilt at the end of the month! This is the good news. The bad news is this will mean we have to close to in-store shopping for a few days to accommodate the work:

·     Monday, July 18

·     Monday, July 25

·     Tuesday, July 26

While we will shortly have a bright shiny new entrance to look forward to, it does mean that for safety reasons we’ll have to be closed to in-store shopping for a few days. Sorry in advance for any inconvenience.

Here’s one final look at the old new entrance!

Our Compass Box 30th Anniversary Blend (actually a Blended Malt) has finally arrived, and it does not disappoint. We launched it last night at an in-store tasting with Western North American Regional Manager Scott Ellis. If you couldn’t make that tasting, there are still a handful of spots left for our virtual tasting with Compass Box Whisky Maker James Saxon on July 29th.

James and Compass Box Founder John Glaser also joined me yesterday morning to record a little video for YouTube about the KWM 30th Anniversary Blend (click this text to view). Unfortunately, the video didn’t capture John’s likeness… due to an audio glitch…

We know a lot of you have been waiting a long time for this whisky, as we’ve been talking about it for nearly a year. Demand has been brisk, and although it only arrived in-store yesterday, already 1/3 of the 588 bottles are sold!

We have been inundated with KWM exclusive casks over the last 6 weeks, receiving what we would normally expect in a year. The proverbial inventory log jam broke loose all at once. We have decided to hold a few of these bottlings back until the Fall. There can be too much of a good thing, after all.

But we do have one other release to tell you about now: the Berry’s Tobermory 2008 KWM Cask. At another time, in another year, not following on the coattails of six other recently released KWM Casks, this whisky would likely have generated a little buzz. It is big, nearly 65%, and sherried, without even a hint of sulphur. As it stands, there is a risk it will get lost in the shuffle, which would be a shame, because it is lovely, and it very nearly wasn’t even bottled for KWM (story below).

On top of that, we also have some new whiskies from Cooper’s Choice, Cadenhead, and a whack of new Bourbons. And though it is summer, there are some tastings coming up in the months ahead, so there are details on those below too.

Most of you have become comfortable with ordering online, butfor those of you who aren’t quite there yet, please note I am on vacation for the next 8 days, starting today.

Accordingly, please don’t email me your order, and knowing I am away, please don’t email it to Evan, Curt, Harmony or another member of the team either.

Please do send your email order to Or simply reply to this email. This will help us avoid duplication, and will also ensure the most prompt service!

But if you can, please submit your order online. That is always our preference, and it isn’t hard!

As always, in the event of a discrepancy in price, the point of sale at KWM will be taken as correct.


Andrew Ferguson

Kensington Wine Market

In This Edition

1. The Compass Box KWM 30th Anniversary Blend is Here!

2. Introducing: The Berry’s Tobermory 2008 KWM Cask

3. New Whiskies from Cooper’s Choice

4. New Whiskies from Cadenhead

5. New Irish Whiskies from Killowen & Two Stacks

6. Assorted New Bourbons

7. New & Returned from Kavalan!

8. Evan’s SMWS Corner

9. Upcoming Tastings



We started work on this bespoke Blended Malt Scotch Whisky with the Compass Box team in the Spring of 2021. Bottled to celebrate our 30th Anniversary, it was created by Compass Box Whisky Maker James Saxon, with input from the KWM whisky team. The whisky is composed of 37%* 20 year old Caol Ila, 30%* 20 year old Teaninich, 23%* 19 year old Mortlach, and 10%* 17 year old Ardbeg from Recharred, first-fill and refill American oak casks. It is a limited release of 588 bottles, bottled at 49%. This is the second bespoke blend we’ve created with Compass Box, the other being our Kensington Wine Market 25th Anniversary Blend from 2017 pictured to the right!

Producer Description (From the back label of the bottle!):

“The city and the wilderness: two compelling spaces for the imagination to wander around. And few spots combine the appeal of both like Calgary in Alberta, Canada. Here you can find metropolitan comforts, but with something of a Wild West mentality. We have chosen to reflect this dualism through the whisky you hold in your hand, created with Andrew Ferguson of Kensington Wine Market to celebrate the store’s 30th Anniversary.

“Pour a glass and experience a whole basket of ripe peaches and golden apples from the farmers’ market, flavours delivered by single malts from the Mortlach and Teaninich distilleries, aged in active American oak barrels. They duke it out with the whiskies from the Caol Ila and Ardbeg distilleries, single malts from Scotland’s wild west coast. Like a ranger from the mountains, they stride into town with the scent of campfire on their clothes.

“Lush and fruity; complex and smoky – the city skyline and the Rocky mountains brought together in one whisky. Whether or not you are able to beat a path to Calgary in 2022, we hope you will join us in toasting Kensington Wine Market and 30 years committed to bringing delicious wines and spirits to Canada.

“John Glaser, Founder & Whiskymaker, Compass Box”

Compass Box KWM 30th Anniversary Blend– 49% – 100% American Oak – My Tasting Note: “Nose: lush, malty and fruity with a gentle backbone of soft peat; creamed honey, French vanilla, creme caramel, and dulce de leche lead the way with apricots, melons and citrus fruits; a hint of meaty Mortlach, balanced with bacon-forward Caol Ila; there is a subtle waxiness, possibly stemming from the Teaninich while the Ardbeg add soft peat and accents the fruits; a touch of lilacs on a warm summer’s day. Palate: round, chewy, and fruity with a velvety delivery; once more the sweet creamy tones and gentle peat are the backbone on which the rest of the layers rest; more apricot, and some peach with candied lemon, baked apple and pear; the subtle waxiness is still there, with fatty bacon and saltwater taffy; the floral lilac notes are accompanied by a touch of lavender; the smoke is clean, elegant, and balanced. Finish: warming, fresh, and fruity with loads of creamy honey and soft peat; elegant with a slightly dangerous edge. Comment: I try not to overuse this descriptor, but I think it is an apt one here, this is old school…; this is not to say that this is a really old dram, though with components 17-20 years of age it is far from young, but rather that it has a very old-school/anitque-y feel to it; the first time I saw the word antique-y used, was in reference to a Compass Box, so that too feels appropriate; this whisky that is not just a celebration of 30 years here at KWM, it is also a testament to the relationships we’re formed, such as that with our friends at Compass Box, which are one of the shoulders on which we stand!” –$195



Thank God we asked for a second sample of this…

About a year ago, maybe more (time was an elusive beast even before Covid), we had a sample of this cask and loved the nose. But something about the palate didn’t quite add up. So we asked for a second sample to be sent.

Maybe the sample bottle was contaminated, or the seal wasn’t right, we’ll never know. Regardless we saw the potential in the nose, and a second sample was sent by our friends at Berry Bros. & Rudd, and it did not disappoint. That is how our first ever KWM exclusive single cask of Tobermory came to be, and a good example of persistence and patience to boot.

Distilled in 2008, this 13 or 14-year-old Tobermory was matured in an Oloroso Sherry Butt, cask 900166, before bottling at an impressive 64.8%. But don’t let that ABV intimidate you. This whisky is very approachable!

Berry’s Tobermory 2008 KWM Cask – 65.4% – 13-14 Year – Oloroso Sherry Butt – My Tasting Note: “Nose: did we bottle a Ledaig? tarry with firm leather, Dominican cigars and dried dark fruits; very nutty with dry sherry tones; dark bakers chocolate and Eatmores; burnt orange peel, cooked raisins and panettone; a touch of heat, but less than you would expect given the abv. Palate: big, rich and sherried; the sherry tones are dry and very nutty… this was matured in an Oloroso cask; Wine Gums, cooked raisins, grilled dates and figs; once again, despite the impressive abv the alcohol is only warm, not sharp; more leather and tobacco, salted caramel and a touch of both latex tubing and faint peat; decadent baking spices, and Dutch licorice emerge as the fruits and nutty sherry tones fade. Finish: warm, sherried and spicy; though warm drying the dark fruits and salted caramel balance it out; more licorice and baking spices. Comment: no, this is not Ledaig, but it is a rather sherried Tobermory, with a very faint whiff of peat; the alcohol might look daunting, but fear not, this is a well-matured and very drinkable whisky. Also, our first ever KWM single cask of Tobermory!” – $150


We have 8 new whiskies from our friends at Cooper’s Choice, 6 single malts and 2 very well-priced older single grains!

1. Cooper’s Choice Cameronbridge 1992 – 51% – 29 Year – ex-Bourbon Cask – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: Vanilla custard and coconut with pencil shavings. Palate: Shortbread and cocoa butter with popcorn and vanilla sponse. Bourbon notes. Finish: Pastry and brown sugar.” – $225

2. Cooper’s Choice Caol Ila 2008 – 51.5% – Bourbon Cask Finish – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: Lemony smoke with smoky bacon and salt. Palate: Charred sticks and smoky oils with tar and sweet peat. Finish: Peppery peat and drying on the finish.” – $160

3. Cooper’s Choice Glenburgie 2012 – 56% – 9 Year – Madeira Finish – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: Aromatic with spices and sherry. Palate: Caramel fudge with roasted nuts and sweet malt. Madeira cake. Finish: Dried fruits and late spices. Delightful!” – $122

4. Cooper’s Choice Glenglassaugh 2014 – 53% – 7 Year Banyuls Finish – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: Gingerbread and prunes with delicious sweet spices. Palate: Mouth-coating sweet caramel with raisins, toffee, and black cherries. Finish: Long lasting. More ginger, caramel, and spices.” – $110

5. Cooper’s Choice North British 1992 – 44.5% – 29 Year – ex-Bourbon Cask – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: Delicious sweet oaky vanilla, almonds and coconut. Palate: Cereals and sweet spices. Bourbon biscuits with nutmeg, caramel sweetness and shortbread. Finish: Lingering oak with more spice and vanilla.” – $225

6. Cooper’s Choice Tamdhu Winter Fruits – 59% – Ruby Port Finish – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: Delicious bouquet of blackcurrant jam and spices. Palate: Juicy port wine notes combine with roasted nuts and sweet malt. A mouthcoating burst of succulent winter berries. Fantastic! Finish: Long lasting with more fruits and spices.” – $122

7. Cooper’s Choice Teaninich 2010 – 52.5% – 11 Year – Finished in Calvados – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: Marzipan, vanilla and spiced apple skins. Palate: Citrus and cereals with green apples. Light oiliness with sweet malt and almonds. Finish: More citrus and spice. Drying slightly to the finish.” – $134

8. Cooper’s Choice Tomatin 2013 – 57% – 8 Year – Tawny Port Finish – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: Red berries and baked apples with highland toffee. Palate: Red fruits and buttery oak with pipe tobacco in the background. Black cherries and spices. Finish: More fruit, smoke, and spices.” – $115


A few new Cadenhead Original Collection whiskies have arrived. I wonder which litigious distillery “A Speyside” is? Regardless, it is dark. And the Heaven Hill Bourbon is exclusive to KWM!

1. Cadenhead Original Collection A “Speyside” Distillery 13 Year – 46% – Oloroso Sherry – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: Cherry, Christmas cake, sultanas, orange liqueur. Palate: Tobacco leaf, fruit loaf, dates, grapefruit. Finish: Demerara sugar, aniseed, cinnamon.” – $150

2. Cadenhead Original Collection Caol Ila 10 Year – 46% – First Fill Bourbon – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: Maritime notes, burnt orange skin, granite. Palate: Smoked cheese, smoked meat, subtle peat, zesty. Finish: Creamy, lemon meringue pie, biscuit and wet smoke.” – $105

3. Cadenhead Original Collection Heaven Hill 12 Year – 46% – Barrels – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: Coconut, artificial strawberry sweets, leather. Palate: Almonds, dark chocolate, pineapple. Finish: Kiwi fruit, Pina colada, little drying.” – $185



Our friends at Pacific Whisky Society really came through with some interesting Irish Whiskey for ya! You may have pocketed a few of those wee green ‘Dram In A Can’s we brought in a while back (or stuffed ’em in a golf bag!), but now we’re seeing proper full-size releases from Two Stacks. And, man… if you’re looking for some absolutely crazy whiskey tomfoolery (and who isn’t?), look no further. See below for details as to what exactly these folks are doing.

And then there’s the Killowen. Cask strength, non chill-filtered, direct-fired stills, worm tubs…oh my! And that’s before mentioning the fact that this was finished in a cask combination – rum and sherry- that a certain Campbeltown distillery (we hardly dare mention the ‘S’-word around here anymore, lest we set off more rabid, drooling S—–bank FOMO) has executed to stunning effect. We are dying to try this one!

1. Two Stacks First Cut – 43% – The First Cut is a rather complicated five part blend that pulls together a few styles, grains, and cask types. In fact, this may be one of the most interesting bits of Irish alchemy we’ve ever seen. The good people at Two Stacks say that this one is made from Virgin Oak Grain, Ex-Bourbon Grain, Ex-Oloroso Pot Still, Ex-Bourbon Double Distilled Malt and Ex-Bourbon Peated Malt. – $58

2. Two Stacks Smoke And Mirrors – 46% – Smoke & Mirrors is a dram for those that like their whiskey complicated. I’ll let Two Stacks themselves tell you about this one: “An interesting combination consisting of 10% double malt and 30% triple peated malt, both matured in ex-bourbon, 60% triple distilled malt aged in ex bourbon and ex imperial stout casks. The result is a soft, rich whiskey with sweet notes of smoked chocolate.” – $75 

3. Killowen 5 Year Small Batch – 55% – A few of us have been patiently waiting for this exciting new Single Malt from artisan distillery Killowen. The philosophy at Killowen seems to be leaning into the idea that the old ways were the true ways. And we’re on board! The distillery direct-fires their stills and relies on worm tub condensers to concoct something that hearkens back to production methods of decades past. Expect a malt of big character, even in youth. – Producer Notes: “After aging for 5 years in Bourbon casks, this Single Malt has been divided and finished in Killowen’s own dark rum casks & PX sherry butts. The County Louth malt is the perfect complement to the marriage of PX sherry flavours of prunes, figs & raisins combined with rum’s tropical Caribbean notes of coconut & vanilla.” – $78


We have 3-4 new whiskies each from 3 different producers, so lets break them down by brand…<

1. Buzzards Roost Char #1 Rye Whiskey – 52.5% – 95% Rye 5% Malted Barley – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: Pleasant notes of wood, sweetness and citrus open to deeper notes of dark chocolate and dark fruit. Palate: Warm and full of confection and caramel goodness. Finish: Long, with a bouquet of sweetness and spice, finishing with notes of toasted oak.” – $93

2. Buzzards Roost Toasted Barrel Rye Whiskey – 52.5% – 95% Rye 5% Malted Barley – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: A vast array of sweet goodness, pumpkin pie, bread pudding, creme brulee, and freshly toasted wood dominate. Palate: The palate is rich and creamy with all the sweetness following through from the nose. The sharp spiciness of the 95% rye mash bill keeps things from getting too thick and lends a nice grit to the palate. Finish: Long with hints of vanilla and wafer.” – $130

3. Buzzards Roost Barrel Strength Rye Whiskey – 57% – 95% Rye 5% Malted Barley – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: Honeysuckle, caramel and dark fruit with a slight undertone of fresh oask that brings everything together. Palate: Rich and full; allspice, nutmeg and baking spices abound. Finish: Fudge, bright fruits and tobacco dominate the finish.” – $125

4. Buzzards Roost Peated Barrel Rye Whiskey – 52.5% – 95% Rye 5% Malted Barley – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: The nose is full of vanilla and caramel sweetness with underlying notes of rye and spice. Palate: Once on the palate, the sweetness delicately fades to subtle hints of fire-roasted peat. Finish: A delicate fade to subtle hints of fire-roasted peat gives this whiskey a delightful Scotch-like finish.” – $124

1. Casey Jones Barrel Cut Double Barrel – 53.85% – Distilled from Corn & Cane – Finished in ex-Bourbon Casks – Producer Tasting Note: “Captivating with a hint of corn and sweet tobacco building to a malt caramel body and distinct rye finish.” – $80

2. Casey Jones Kentucky Bourbon – 52% – High Corn / Low Rye – Producer Tasting Note: “Spicy and gentle with caramel, sweet tones of corn, oak, smoke.” – $80

3. Casey Jones Kentucky Straight Bourbon – 56% – High Corn / Low Rye – Producer Tasting Note: “Lively and smooth with caramel, spice, dark berry, and hints of tobacco.” – $93

1. Barrell Craft Seagrass Rye Whisky – 59.2% – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: High concentrations of bright, fruity esters lend a perfume-like character to the aroma. Honeydew melon and plum sit alongside a slice of ripe apricot resting out in the sun. The underlying rye is revealed by a sea-like salinity, tarragon, and elderflower. Palate: Sweet and juicy, Seagrass opens on pear, lychee, and white grapefruit. Classic rye flavors of cinnamon, rosemary, fennel seed, and rosehip aren’t far behind. Unctuous texture and sandy tannin are complemented by a delicate astringency so common to Canadian whiskeys. Finish: Fresh and clean, but the persistent tannin and astringency focus the powerful burst of camphor, chalk dust, and scorched earth.” – $153

2. Barrell Craft Bourbon Batch 031 – 55.6% – Blend of 6-16 year-old Bourbons – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: A rush of dry, notable oak, incorporating wormwood, tobacco, and pine needles. Curious and sweet with browned butter, candied walnut, and spiced apple pie. Other notes balance between woodsy and floral, such as thistle, milkweed, and poppyseed. As we emerge beyond the scope of oak, we find some fruity and sweet cream notes, the latter represented by peppermint latte and vanilla creme anglaise. Palate: Moderate sweetness and juicy citrus make for quite an easy pour. The fruit sings loudest here — pomegranate juice and strawberry rhubarb pie. Extractive elements of spice and tannin bring quince and ginger beer into the equation. The baking spice nods toward a Manhattan, garnished with an orange twist. Finally, some marshmallow root and pumpernickel take it in an earthier, cardoon-like direction. Finish: A quick burst of heat announces smoked paprika, black peppercorn, and spearmint. As it subsides, demerara rum and black cherry soda emerge. Finally, it fades to leave only a little chalk and slate.” – $178

3. Barrell Craft New Year 2022 Bourbon – 57.67% – A tribute to the possibilities of 2022 – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: This nose is sweet, a little tangy, and shows white chocolate and carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. The fruit comes through with nectarine, watermelon rind, and key lime pie. Grassy sugarcane nods toward a freshness not usually seen in such rich bourbon blends. Palate: A sturdy wood tannin suits the bold acidity of sour apple candy, tart raspberry, and pineapple. As the palate adjusts, soy milk, banana pudding, and hazelnut streusel soften the impact. Tonka bean and cinnamon bring the first evidence of oak spice. Minerality is remarkably bold, displaying well-salted pretzel, iron, and gunpowder. Finish: Rather gentle, returning to the soft, grassy tones from the nose. Green tea, pandan leaf and chocolate mint yield to a final, peppery flourish of grains of paradise.” – $180


No time for an intro… the whiskies should speak for themselves!


Kavalan Premium Series PX & Moscatel Twin Decanters Set – 2 Bottles and 2 Glasses in a Wood Box – Solist PX Shery 500ml – 57.8% – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: There is a nice rosemary with a hint of lemongrass, sweet citrus and a pleasant toffee. The finale is reminiscent of an enticing sweet Oakiness. Palate: Very fruity and warm, with smooth and mellow results from the combination of classical PX sherry characters and subtropical maturation in the heat of Taiwan. The juicy raisin and honey syrup linger persistently in the mouth.” & Solist Moscatel 500ml – 55.6% – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: Like fruit jams on a brownie cake that is rich in floral, honey and sweets, plus a touch of toffee and caramel in the background together with an array of wonderful, seductive and mouth-watering fragrances! Palate: Very complex, unique and balanced dry fruit and nutty flavours with silky smooth buttery and creamy tastes, as well as chocolate notes to arouse the taste buds and make you desirous of more.” – $850 – Limit 1 per customer! 


The Kavalan King Car 40th Anniversary Malt – 56.3% – Producer Description: “Presented in a 1500ml heavy glass decanter bottle with a crown-shaped cork adorned with the world-renowned Swarovski Crystals, packaged in a leather and wooden presentation box with a stunning whisky glass.” – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: Powerful and dense with rich notes of red wine exuding dark-skinned Cabernet Sauvignon fruit, with strawberry, bilberry, spice and flourishes of fresh charred oak. Palate: Thick, mouth-drawing layers of toffee-rich berry fruits, enlivened with flares of spice, notably pepper, clove and tobacco, all brought together with a magnificent wine character. Finish: Long and sensuous, yielding a gentle mix of signature fruits and soft spices.” – $1150


Man, is this Andrew guy long-winded or what? You would think he was paid by the word in these newsletters. (I resemble that comment! – Andrew)

Maybe I am just jealous. This is my little place to shine, which I get to use periodically when I am busy pretending to work or adding mysterious 16 digit codes that look suspiciously like credit card info to random spots on our newsletters, website, and social media.

Enough of that, though. I am here to talk about the SMWS Canada’s July Outturn. If you missed the video of our online tasting on Facebook or YouTube then you might not be aware of how good this month’s lineup is. If you can’t stand KWM’s low production quality and my own poor attempts at humour, you could also take a look at The Dram Association’s own Youtube video on the Outturn which should be up soon. It is always worth a look: Adam and company from The Strath Liquor Store in Victoria know their stuff.

Let’s talk more about my take on the July lineup though. Here are my thoughts on the lineup:


The first SMWS Glen Garioch to ever come to the SMWS Canada! This bottle showcases what this highly underrated distillery does so well, exhibiting big, oily fruit notes and sweet barley while remaining structured and remarkably poised. If you are a fan of Glen Garioch or are just looking to find out.


Don’t let the cheesy Bart Simpson reference in the name fool you – this was the favourite of many in our online tasting for reasons that go beyond its title. Carambola is apparently another name for Star Fruit – which is a tasting note wine drinkers’ often use when describing New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. The zesty acidity of the wine is hinted at in this citrus and tropical fruit-driven dram in a delicious manner.


Like Glen Garioch – this Tullibardine does an exceptional job of showing off what the distillery can do. Tullibardine has quietly been undergoing a renaissance recently, and if you want to see what they are doing so well check out this bottle or one of the official high-strength and right now hard-to-get releases under The Murray moniker. This is malty, chocolate, and coconut-driven whisky at its best.


One of two very good sherried single malts in the July Outturn – this Glen Spey is a crowd-pleaser of a juicy dram. Full of red fruits and light Christmas cake notes.


Usually, when Craigellachie Distillery sees a sherry cask, the meaty spirit character it inherits from the worm tub the distillery uses comes to the fore. That is surprisingly not the case here, with the meaty character being toned down and leaving room for citrus and chocolate notes to show. While there are some savoury notes, they veer more into coffee and fruit leather for me. One of the least meaty Craigellachie single casks I can recall tasting.


The long-running streak of great Highland Park bottles from the SMWS continues with this 13-year-old. Plenty of complexity in this one with the coastal side of HP being showcased. The wonderfully sweet, spicy earthy build of peat giving the finish plenty of length and making you close your eyes and sigh while you take it all in.




Elixir Distillers Single Casks with Celine Tetu 

·     Date: Tuesday, July 22

·     Time: 5 PM

·     Cost: $45

·     Pick-Up Date: Ready Now!

·     Only 10 spots left!

Elixir Distillers has become one of our best partners in recent years, and they keep feeding us some absolutely amazing single casks. This recent batch was selected in the Winter or Spring of 2021, but due to all the challenges around logistics these days, they have only just arrived! Celine Tetu, aka Lily, Elixir Distillers’ International Sales Manager, will be our guest as we sample 7 Single Malts of Scotland bottlings, 6 of them cask strength single cask whiskies. Participants will try the 4 most recent KWM casks: Ardmore 11 Year, Glenburgie 22 Year, Imperial 22 Year, and Mannochmore 13 Year, and 3 others: Ben Nevis 1997, Linkwood 11 Year, and Reserve Casks Glencadam 10 Year. 5PM, Friday, July 22.

Compass Box KWM 30th Anniversary Virtual Launch Tasting with James Saxon 

·     Date: Friday, July 29

·     Time: 5 PM

·     Cost: $40

·     Pick-Up Date: Ready Now!

·     Only 7 spots left!

Compass Box Whisky has been one of our best and most supportive partners over the last 30 years. We were honoured when, in 2017, they collaborated with us on the now legendary bespoke Kensington Wine Market 25th Anniversary bottling. To help mark our 30th Anniversary, they have once more come through for us in a big way. Over the last year and a bit, we’ve been working with John Glaser and whisky Maker James Saxon on another bespoke whisky. Well, the Kensington Wine Market 30th Anniversary Blend has just arrived, and to celebrate we will be hosting both in-person and virtual launch tastings. James Saxon, Compass Box Whisky Whisky Maker, and creator of our 30th Anniversary Blend, will be our guest for the virtual launch tasting. Guests will have the opportunity to sample 7 Compass Box whiskies, including both the KWM 25th and 30th Anniversary bottlings, the Vellichor, Experimental Grain, Flaming Heart 2015 and two other releases. Participants in the tasting will also have the opportunity to enter a ballot to purchase both the Vellichor and Experimental Grain. 5PM, Friday, July 29.


·     Date: Wednesday, Aug 3

·     Time: 7 PM

·     Cost: $50

·     Pick-Up Date: Ready by July 20!

Log in, pour your drams and join us from home, the cottage, or work… for the August 2022 Scotch Malt Whisky Society Canada Virtual Outturn Tasting. We are only able to offer a virtual Outturn tasting this month, owing to the reconstruction of our front entrance… which we’ve been waiting nearly 6 months for! The KWM team will be your guide as you sample through an exciting range. Wednesday, August 3, 7 PM.

You don’t have to be a member to attend, that is unless you’d like to buy a bottle or two! More membership info here!

Oddball Distilleries – A+ Malts from the B Team 

·     Date: Tuesday, August 9

·     Time: 7 PM

·     Cost: $75

·     Pick-Up Date: Ready Now!

·     Only 10 spots left!

Overlooked, underappreciated, and in some cases, flat-out unknown distilleries will be the focus of this tasting featuring some of the most neglected distilleries in the Scotch Whisky world. We had to drag some of these poor unloved drams out from the orphanages, the cupboards under the stairs, and other assorted nooks and crannies, in order to bring you a line-up that is bound to appeal to the most discerning of whisky geeks. This has a truly stellar range, if you can look past the brands and distilleries, to see some diamonds in the rough. 7 PM, Tuesday, June 20

Elixir Distillers Single Casks In Store! 

·     Date: Thursday, August 11

·     Time: 7 PM

·     Cost: $50


Elixir Distillers has become one of our best partners in recent years, and they keep feeding us some absolutely amazing single casks. This recent batch was selected in the Winter or Spring of 2021, but due to all the challenges around logistics these days, they have only just arrived! Guests will sample 7 Single Malts of Scotland bottlings, 6 of them cask strength single cask whiskies. Participants will try the 4 most recent KWM casks: Ardmore 11 Year, Glenburgie 22 Year, Imperial 22 Year, and Mannochmore 13 Year, and 3 others: Ben Nevis 1997, Linkwood 11 Year, and Reserve Casks Glencadam 10 Year. This is the exact same range we are doing virtually with Celine, but in person at the store, hosted by one of the KWM team. 7 PM, Thursday, August 11.

GlenAllachie Virtual Cask Launch with Ronan Currie 

·     Date: Saturday, August 13

·     Time: 5 PM

·     Cost: $35

·     Pick-Up Date: July 16 (Estimate)!

We are about to receive our first ever KWM exclusive single cask of GlenAllachie… and we are stoked! Ronan Currie, Sales Director, has generously agreed to stay up and join us live from Scotland to host a virtual launch tasting. Our range will include a number of limited-edition whiskies not even available for sale, including the GlenAllachie 10 Year Batch 6, GlenAllachie 11 Year Grattamacco Cask, GlenAllachie 12 Year Sauternes Cask, GlenAllachie 13 Year Rioja Cask, and GlenAllachie 21 Year Batch 1 (not pictured(. To round out our lines, participants will also get to sample the GlenAllachie 18 and our GlenAllachie 15 Year KWM Oloroso Cask! Saturday, August 13, 2022, 5 PM!

Wet Hot Whisky Summer – FOMO Warning! In Store! 

·     Date: Tuesday, August 16

·     Time: 7 PM

·     Cost: $85

·     Pick-Up Date: Available NOW!

·     Only 4 spots left!

Consider this a warning… there is a FOMO storm on the horizon, expected to make landfall during the wet hot whisky days of summer. Our tasting range consists of: Bowmore 21 Year Aston Martin Ed., Highland Park Wild Rose Single Cask, Kilkerran Heavily Peated Batch 5, Laphroaig 10 Year Cask Strength, Laphroaig Cairdeas 2021, LMDW Clynelish 25 Year, SMOS Imperial 1995 25 Year (not our cask), and Springbank 21 Year. And we have bottles of all 8 of these whiskies available for sale (by ballot), but only for participants in this tasting. Tuesday, August 16, 7 PM.


We are proud to offer Free City Wide Delivery on all orders over $100 Monday-Friday! Orders under $100 are subject to a flat rate $10 delivery fee.


Physical distancing is made easy with curbside pickup.

Order online or by phone, wait for confirmation your order is ready then call us when you are parked in the back or out front.

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