Painted Stave Bottled in Bond Bourbon Review

By Richard Thomas

Rating: B

Painted Stave Bottled in Bond Bourbon
(Credit: Richard Thomas)

Back when Painted Stave Distilling in Delaware first started making bourbon in late 2013, every enthusiast was most enthusiastic about wheated bourbon. They chose to buck this by committing to a high rye mash bill, and it proved to be wise to ignore what the buzz was all about at the time. Fads come and go, because a decade later and that obsession with wheated bourbons has long since fizzled.

Meanwhile, Painted Stave has joined a different, far better and more sensible trend: that of craft distillers around the country releasing bottled in bond version of their whiskeys. In keeping with the 1897 Bottled in Bond Act, this more mature spin on the distillery’s high rye bourbon is four years old and bottled at 100 proof.

The Bourbon
My pour of Painted Stave’s Bonded Bourbon came out with a reddened, middle amber look. Following a reasonable airing, the scent was one of thick vanilla and toasted oat biscuits. The flavor is where things turn into high rye territory: the traditional brown sugar and caramel flavors are underscored by a generous dash of white pepper and a sliver of dry oak.

So far, the pour has been a solid, enjoyable one, but it’s the finish where things falter. It’s crisp, but short. While that is a minor blemish, it is still worth of comment.

The Price
Painted Stave Bottled in Bond Bourbon is officially priced at $42. That is a pretty fair price for a bonded whiskey from a small distiller, so this is a good buy for adding some variety to your collection.

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