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Before we get to what’s new, let me quickly mention something that is finally happening. Come hell or high water, our new website is launching next week… This has been a long time coming, but we are thrilled to be finally crossing the finish line.

There is still a lot of work to be done, now and after it is up and running. We will be refreshing product descriptions and writing content for some of the site’s new features. We’ve also had to start from scratch with our product shots, a daunting task when you consider we have more than 3000 products in stock at any given time. The news site will be mobile-friendly, have a new look, a predictive search and it should be easier to use. Most importantly it will be more robust and even more secure.

The new KWM website has been nearly a year in the making, and hope you’re going to love it. We welcome feedback on how we can continue to improve it moving forward.

In case you missed the Malt Messenger Bulletin last week, we’ve launched the first traunch of new virtual Fall tastings. They are built around a number of exciting new whisky releases many of which are included below. After a lot of deliberation, and second-guessing, we have decided for operational reasons to stick exclusively to the virtual tasting format for the time being. It is our hope that we will be able to resume some in-person tastings in the New Year.

A few of the tastings are already nearing or completely sold out, but there are still a lot of cool options, and more to come. Our goal for the fall is to have the tasting poured and ready for pick-up roughly 4-5 weeks out. Ensuring we all have lots of time to arrange pick-ups and delivery.

On the “new whisky” side of things, there is much to fill you in on. Again, in case you missed it, we have a new KWM exclusive cask… Our third and (possibly final) Shelter Point Rye KWM Cask #3 (actual cask #345) is finally here. This is Alberta Distiller’s Rye at 12 years old, and it is delicious… It fits somewhere between our last two Shelter Point Ryes, the first of which was thick and syruppy, and the second which was more of a spice bomb.

The second half of our veritable Boat Load of Boutique-y Whisky has arrived. There is some insanely cool stuff therein including a 25-Year-old Balfiddich (Balvenie), 24-Year-old Glen “Souptown” (teaspooned Glen Scotia), a pair of 21-Year-old Japanese Whiskies, a pair of twenty-something Bruichladdichs, a pair of Bunnahabhain, and the oldest bottlings of both Glentauchers (44 Year) and Highland Malt aka Clynelish (42 Year)… There is also a 19-year-old Springbank and a 24-year-old Bourbon!

We are also in the midst of receiving a new delivery from Signatory and Edradour. In the case of the former, we have a trove of old and rare bottlings from Glenlochy, Caperdonich, Bunnahabhain, and Glenlivet to name just a few. From Edradour we have 3 single malts – two of them are 21-year-olds plus for the first time the Edradour Cream liqueur… which has never been in Alberta before!

From the Vintage Malt Whisky Company aka Cooper’s Choice, we have some really cool new whiskies arriving next week, including the first bottling we’ve ever seen from the new Inchdarnie Distillery, established in 2015 just across the Firth of Forth from Edinburgh. There is also a young Caol Ila, a mature Ardmore, a sherried and peated Blended Malt and a Secret Islay Single Malt which is not expected to last long…

Also arriving next week, the Daftmill 2009 Summer Batch Release 2020. Daftmill is one of the most exciting new distilleries in Scotland, though it’s not all that new in reality, having been established in 2005. It just chose not to sell any of its production for the first 12 years… KWM is thrilled to be the only store in Canada with Daftmill Single Malt.

The Compass Box Menagerie has finally made its appearance, and there are also a trio of new releases from Tel Aviv’s Milk & Honey Distillery. From the Elements range we have single malts finished in Peated, Sherry (Kosher) and Red Wine (STR) casks.

We have also received a final shipment of the Glenmorangie Grand Vintage Malt 1991. Seems we’ve been waiting nearly a year for them. And there are also some Arran whiskies back in stock.

Last but not least, we did recently receive a shipment of Adelphi whiskies including bottlings of Caol Ila, Ardnamurchan, Springbank, and a few others. The quantities were all very small, so rather than offer them for sale to the first to ask, we are holding them back for participants in the Adelphi Tasting on September 24. In case you needed another reason to take part in that tasting…

All of the whiskies should be available for order/pre-order online and are linked. If there are no descriptions or photos on the website, that is because we are throwing all of our energy at getting the new site up and running.

As always, in the event of a discrepancy in price, the point of sale at KWM will be taken as correct. Please don’t hesitate to email me with any questions, comments, or requests.


Andrew Ferguson

Kensington Wine Market

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1. A Boat Load of New Boutique-y Whiskies Pt. 2

2. New Whisky from Atom Brands

3. New & Returned Whiskies from Signatory

4. New Whiskies from Edradour

5. Coming Soon: New Cooper’s Choice Bottlings

6. New Next Week: Daftmill 2009 Summer Batch Release 2020

7. New Releases from Milk & Honey

8. This Just In: Compass Box Menagerie

9. In Case You Missed It: Introducing: Shelter Point Rye KWM Cask #345

10 Arran Whiskies Back In-Stock – Next Week

11.  Last Chance: Glenmorangie 1991 Grand Vintage Malt

12. Up-Coming Tastings


Round 2 of our Boutique-y whisky releases is even more interesting than the first… We have another “teaspooned” Balvenie (25 Years Old this time) and as well as a similarly doctored Glen Scotia 24 Year. Because a drop of whisky from another distillery has been added to a cask or vatting, the whisky is no longer a single malt, but rather a blended malt. Further, the bottler can’t refer to the distillery… but if you are That Boutique-y Whisky Company, that doesn’t mean you can’t cheekily infer where the whisky is from.

In addition to “teaspooned” blended malts, we also have a couple of undisclosed whiskies including an Islay 10 Year (Caol Ila) and a 42-year-old Clynelish. The latter cannot be named, rather it is just a very honeyed and waxy mystery “Highland Malt”. It is one of if not the oldest Clynelish ever bottled… Speaking of old, we have a 50-year-old Invergordon and the Glentauchers Batch 10, which is a 44-year-old, and without question, the oldest whisky ever bottled from said distillery.

This is far from all of the cool stuff in this release. There are a pair of late 20s Bruichladdichs, and a 28-year-old Aultmore with a velociraptor fighting a great white in front of a burning oil rig (refer to photo above)… Why, because there is nothing exciting about Aultmore distillery, save for maybe the whisky! We also have another Caperdonich (closed distillery), a 19-Year-old Springbank and a 29-year-old Glen Garioch. We almost never see independent bottlings of Glen Garioch, let alone a 29 Year. There are also a pair of 21-year-old Japanese whiskies, a pair of Bunnahabhains and an intriguing 22 Year old Glen Elgin.

Lots to get excited about in this release. The labels are whimsical, and the juice is getting great reviews… We have 19 new whiskies from That Boutique-y Whisky Company, and many of them can be expected to appear in some of our Fall tastings (see below). All of the whiskies are 500ml:

1. Boutique-y Aultmore Batch 13 28 Year – 48.1% – Producer Description: “Our thirteenth batch from the Aultmore distillery is a 28 Year Old, a release of just 718 bottles at 48.1% abv.” – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: Caramelised nuts, malt loaf and juicy ripe pears. Palate: Pears, plums and apples all come through with honey and warming ginger spices. Finish: A warming spicy finish with a final burst of apple and pear” – $300 – 88.50pts Whisky Base

2. Boutique-y Blended Malt #1 Batch 7 25 Year (Balvenie) – 50.8% – Producer Description: “Our seventh batch of this ‘teaspooned’ Speyside whisky is a 25 Year Old, a release of just 213 bottles at 50.8% abv.” – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: Honeyed floral nose, you can imagine the bees when you smell this. Lavender followed by tobacco, fruitcake and a whisper of smoke. Palate: Very full texture, creamy, dark cherry with a peppery edge. Finish: Vanilla and toffee, dark chocolate and chestnut” – $220 – 90.76pts Whisky Base

3. Boutique-y Blended Malt #6 Batch 1 24 Year (teaspooned Glen Scotia) – 48.8% – Producer Description: “Our first batch of this ‘vatted’ malt whisky is a 24 Year Old, a release of just 659 bottles at 48.8% abv.” – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: Very rich and smooth nose with cocoa, black cherries, hazelnut and a very subtle spice. Palate: The spices become more prominent, but there’s also honeydew melon, grapes and lots of freshness as well. Finish: An incredibly complex and long finish.” – $200 – 88pts Whisky Base

4. Boutique-y Bourbon Whiskey #1 Batch 1 24 Year – 48% – Producer Description: “Our first ever batch from this US distillery is a 24 Year Old Bourbon, a release of 8,376 bottles at 48% abv and our largest release to date! Sadly we’re not able to name this distillery, but it is a Bourbon, and so we’ll have to do some homework to establish which distilleries it could have come from.” – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: High notes of dried peel and vanilla, flaming Christmas pudding gives way to pear drops and a light dusting of cocoa powder. Palate: Insistent, buttery mouthfeel carrying a lorry load of vanilla, caramel and beurre noisette. Finish: Punchy, warm finish with great balance of the flavours” – $300 – Limit 1 Per Customer -87.75pts Whisky Base

5. Boutique-y Bruichladdich Batch 19 28 Year – 48.5% – Producer Description: “Our nineteenth batch from the Bruichladdich distillery is a 28 Year Old, a release of just 1,123 bottles at 48.5% abv.” – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: A rich fruit cake full of sultanas followed by a pecan plait. Palate: Hints of burnt toffee, spices and dates. Finish: A long sooty finish with a hit of dried apricot.” – $510 – Limit 1 Per Customer

6. Boutique-y Bruichladdich Batch 20 27 Year – 43.4% – Producer Description: “Our twentieth batch from the Bruichladdich distillery is a 27 Year Old, a release of just 159 bottles at 43.4% abv” – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: Light and sweet aroma with a drizzle of honey. Palate: Milk chocolate, fizzy sour cherry and a hint of chilli spice. Finish: Medium, a deliciously fruity and pleasant sweetness.” – $430 – Limit 1 Per Customer

7. Boutique-y Bunnahabhain Batch 14 10 Year – 50.5% – Producer Description: “Our fourteenth batch from the Bunnahabhain distillery is a 10 Year Old, a release of just 1,287 bottles at 50.5% abv.” – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: Garibaldi biscuits, muscovado sugar, plums and syrupy ginger. Palate: Sweet and fruity at first – there’s apple, pear, and more of the muscovado sugar before more of the ginger and warming spicy notes come through. Finish: A spicy and fruity finish – there’s more pears and ginger with a final touch of cream.” – $130

8. Boutique-y Bunnahabhain Batch 18 27 Year – 42.6% – Producer Description: “Our eighteenth batch from the Bunnahabhain distillery is a 27 Year Old, a release of just 135 bottles at 42.6% abv” – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: A delicious smoky oakiness, a bite into a fresh orange wedge, buttery biscuits. Palate: Layer upon layer of vanilla, warm orange and a little spice. Finish: A lingering spice with an even longer-lasting vanilla warmth.” – $400 Limit 1 Per Customer

9. Boutique-y Caperdonich Batch 6 23 Year – 47.8% – Producer Description: “This is a 23 year old expression, boasting heavy caramel and dark fruit notes running throughout. The label features a reference to the tube that once ran between Caperdonich and the Glen Grant distillery.” – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: Fresh red cherries leading to aromatic notes of tobacco and cedar with a gingery spice. Palate: Full texture, smooth, round, lots of fruit, dark cherries, kirsch, dried fruit, and toffee. One moment it’s dry and then next it’s sweet. Finish: Builds and builds, very long, finishes with sweet fudge notes.” $555 – 89.83pts Whisky Base – Only 6 Bottles! Limit 1 Per Customer

10.                Boutique-y Glen Elgin Batch 2 22 Year – 48.2% – Producer Description: “Our second batch from the Glen Elgin distillery is a 22 Year Old, a release of just 434 bottles at 48.2% abv.” – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: Sweet as it opens with white chocolate, soft toffee and a glaze of honey. A hint of charred oak smokiness develops with whispers of yellow plum, floral barley a tinge of ginger. Palate: Acacia honey, apricot yogurt and a little buttery shortbread add supple sweetness among earthy vanilla and a prickle of baking spice. Finish: A medium-length finish, with toasted oats and a twist of lemon” – $180 – 88.78pts Whisky Base

11.                Boutique-y Glen Garioch Batch 4 29 Year – 46.3% – Producer Description: “Our fourth batch from the Glen Garioch distillery is a 29 Year Old, a release of just 451 bottles at 46.3% abv.” – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: Subtle wood burner smoke, cream soda and a hint of orange zest. Taste: Smooth rich mouthfill with syrupy pears, vanilla and an earthiness that develops over time. Finish: Fruity liquorice sweets and more of those fruity pear flavours. There’s a lingering dryness too where more of the earthiness comes through” – $450 – 88pts Whisky Base

12.                Boutique-y Glentauchers Batch 10 44 Year – 42.1% – Producer Description: “Our tenth batch from the Glentauchers distillery is a 44 Year Old. It’s the oldest Glentauchers we’ve bottled, and the oldest we’ve ever seen too. It’s a release of just 177 bottles at 42.1% abv.” – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: Opening with applesauce, this becomes more complex quite quickly. Waxy, honeyed fruits, orchard, and tropical fruits competing. There’s polished leather, dusty library books, dunnage warehouse. Palate: It’s creamy and waxy on the palate, with juicy ripe fruits; mango, and guava. The wood spice and tannins taming the expected sugar rush. Finish: Long and lingering with nutmeg, drying” – $1275

13.                Boutique-y Highland Single Malt Batch 1 42 Year – 43.5% – Producer Description: “A 42 Year Old Single Malt from an undisclosed Highland distillery. A batch of 473 bottles at 43.5% abv.” – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: Intensely creamy, tropical notes of dried pineapple, mango and papaya with digestive biscuit and hints of old yellow chartreuse. Palate: Mouthfilling and sweet but with a light touch. Mirabelle jam, citrus peels, yellow chartreuse showing up again. Hints of winter spice from the cask. Finish: Medium to long, custard creams and herbs. Another balanced gem that can only be made with patience and the right wood.” – $725 – Limit 1 Per Customer!

14.                Boutique-y Invergordon Batch 21 50 Year – 47.5% – Producer Description: “Our twenty-first batch from the Invergordon distillery is a 50 Year Old, a release of just 298 bottles at 47.5% abv.” – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: Dates, brown sugar, hickory, a hint of cola cube and cardamom, plus touches of strong coffee. Palate: Roast chestnuts, a smidge of antique oak, chewy caramel, clove, cardamom spiciness once again. Finish: Dense honeycomb, fried banana, buttery pancakes, Curaçao orange, cinnamon” – $630

15.                Boutique-y Islay Malt #1 Batch 4 10 Year (Caol Ila) – 47.9% – Producer Description: “Our fourth batch from this undisclosed Islay distillery is a 10 Year Old, a release of just 2,102 bottles at 47.9% abv.” – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: Lots of peaty smoke on the nose, with sea air and ginger too. Palate: The smokiness fades to the background to reveal sweet icing sugar, rhubarb and custard sweets and an earthiness.Finish: A peppery, herbaceous finish with a final sweetness” – $120

16.                Boutique-y Japanese Blended Whisky #1 Batch 2 21 Year – 47.7% – Producer Description: “Our second batch of Blended Japanese Whisky is a 21 Year Old, a release of just 1,799 bottles at 47.7% abv.” – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: A fruity sweetness with cherries and soft caramel notes. Palate: The instant vanilla-y sweetness gives way to spices prickling on the tongue – there’s ginger and cloves as well as a touch of orange. Finish: The sweetness returns, offering apples and raisins while the warming spices linger on” – $525 – 87.75pts Whisky Base – Limit 1 Per Customer

17.                Boutique-y Japanese Blended Whisky #1 Batch 5 21 Year – 47.7% – Producer Description: “Our fifth batch of Blended Japanese Whisky is a 21 Year Old, a release of just 3,257 bottles at 47.7% abv.” – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: Big oaty, cereal notes at first – there’s porridge drizzled with raspberry jam, malted milk biscuits and a rich creaminess. Palate: Smooth with more of those cereal notes. There’s a honey sweetness and raspberry flavours but also underlying earthy flavours, with rhubarb too.. Finish: Vanilla notes, more of those earthy tones and a final burst of juicy blackberrie” – $525 – 90.20pts Whisky Base – Limit 1 Per Customer

18.                Boutique-y Springbank Batch 17 19 Year – 50.2% – Producer Description: “Our seventeenth batch from the Springbank Distillery is an 19 Year Old, a release of just 15 bottles at 50.2% abv. (Much of this batch went to 5cl bottles)” – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: Stewed prunes, red currants, hints of ripe fruit and toasted oak. Palate: An explosion of vibrant tropical flavours cascading into ripe red fruit and honey melon with the depth coming in towards the back; new leather soles and fresh polished wood. Finish: Cartwheels between old and new flavours leaving a really pleasing ripe sweetness, and the signature oiliness you’d expect from this cult distillery.” – $550 – 90.15pts – Limit 1 Per Customer

19.                Boutique-y Tobermory Batch 15 12 Year – 50.3% – Producer Description: “Our fifteenth batch from the Isle of Mull’s Tobermory distillery is a 12 Year Old, a release of just 371 bottles at 50.3% abv.” – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: Greengage, melon and honeyed porridge, with a whisper of aromatic, almost floral barley in there. Palate: Still packing plenty of fruit and malt, now with milk chocolate and desiccated coconut in the mix. Finish: Drying baking spice warmth, plus toasted sesame seed and digestive biscuit.” – $102 – 85.67pts Whisky Base


Also from Atom Brands, we have a Darkness Ardbeg and the Grace Isle 25 Year. The former is a nearly quarter century old Ardbeg, finished in PX Sherry. The latter is an undisclosed Islay single malt. If you say the name quickly enough it starts to sound like a creature found around Islay’s shores… a grey seal!

1. Darkness Ardbeg 24 Year – 46.8% – 500ml – Pedro Ximenex Cask Finish – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: Puzzling, inviting and appetising. Peat, dark sugar, freshly ground espresso beans and tar. Palate: Starts sweet, with ripe fruit, honey and a good helping of malt before powerful peat and smoked barley join the party. Finish: Ardbeg at its most elegant; aged beautifully and complimented by sherry.” – $1900 – Limit 1 Per Customer

2. Grace Isle 25 Year – 48% – American Oak – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: Sea spray, malty maturity, hints of rubber with smouldering ash. Slight shellfish sweetness among wild heather and oily oak. Browning apples, nectarines and lemon vanilla, butterscotch, crisp bacon and jasmine tea. Palate: Over a note of firewood there’s chewy vanilla toffees, apricot jam, juicy wood spices and a little dried barley. Elements of sour citrus and maritime salinity percolate among these flavours, while smoked almonds and grass clippings reside pleasantly underneath. Finish: Swirling complexity, the finish leaves a juicy impression, an almost agricole-esque note which rises through the sweet smoke.” – $550 – 88.63pts Whisky Base



We are expecting nearly a dozen, mostly old and rare whiskies from Signaoty in the next couple of weeks. We haven’t tried most of them… yet, and bought a lot of them on spec. There are seldom seen bottlings from Caperdonich, Glencraig and Glenlochy. Also older bottlings of whiskies like Jura and Glenlivet you seldom see.

There are also some safe bets, even if there aren’t much in the way of reviews yet, like the Caol Ila 2010 and Clynelish 1995, of which we’ve seen many sister casks!

One of the whiskies which has been disappearing quickly is the Unnamed Islay 1992 Single Malt. Our first suspicions were that it was Laphroaig. But speculation now is that it is from further East along the Kildalton Coast… Lagavulin perhaps. Maybe Ardbeg. Who doesn’t like a little mystery?

A trio of them have been here before, and have featured previously in KWM tastings. We couldn’t resist the opportunity to grab a few more bottles of each. These are whiskies, especially at these ages, we won’t see much of in the future.

Lots to be excited about here. Don’t be surprised if more than a few of these end up in KWM tastings throughout the Fall and Winter!


1. Signatory Caperdonich 2000 – 56.4% – 20 Year – Hogshead – $535

2. Signatory Caol Ila 2010 – 58.9% – 10 Year – Refill Sherry Butt – $ – 87pts Whisky Base

3. Signatory Clynelish 1995 – 51% – 25 Year – Refill Sherry Butt – $615 – 92pts Whisky Base

4. Signatory Glencraig 1976 – 42.6% – 40 Year – Bourbon Barrel – 89pts Whisky Fun (sister cask): “Good, Clencraig was made at Glenburgie between 1956 and 1981, using some Lomond still. It used to be Glenburgie’s Mosstowie, if you like, but I think they were making Glencraig in much smaller quantities. No need to tell you that Glencraig has become extremely rare, so this is yet another crazy coup by SigV. Colour: gold. Nose: ooh, love this. Mangos and, most of all, crazy guavas. Add good retsina (not the ones for tourists), halva, pistachios, heather honey, pink bananas, then rather flowers, lillies, orange blossom, rose petals, wallflowers, woodruff… It is all very subtle and complex, and yet not shy at all. And the barrel was first-grade. Mouth: first all things from a proper beehive, then more soft wood/tea spices. So, beeswax, all-flower honey, pollen and mead, and then rather balsa wood, soft cinnamon, marzipan and Szechuan pepper. The freshness is impressive, even if the oak’s about to take over. Just about. Finish: medium, complex, on some kind of wonderful fresh fruitcake covered with the subtlest spices. Apples and cinnamon in the aftertaste. Comments: in truth it was a tad fragile and uncertain here and there, but the enjoyment remains massive. The nose was just otherworldly. SGP:551 – 89 points.” – $2700 – 91pts Whisky Base – Only 2 Bottles!

5. Signatory 30th Anniversary Glenlivet 1973 – 43.1% – 45 Year – Sherry Hogshead & Sherry Butt – 92pts Whisky Fun: “My oh my, the 1973s are 45, already! Colour: very deep amber. Nose: halt, stop it! Ylang-ylang, mango jam, rose petals, orange blossom honey, rosewood, pollen, then pinewood, dried figs and dates, mead, apricot jam, sémillon, the tiniest touch of coconut water… Well, this is just unstoppable. Nothing to discuss or argue about here, let’s just move on… Mouth: you’re always afraid of some unwanted woodiness in these very old whiskies, and indeed they all are pretty woody – this one is – but it’s all a matter of what balances that woodiness, and in this case the answer is ‘a lot of things’. For example, this mango jam, or this heather honey, those juicy sultanas, this pipe tobacco, this cherry liqueur, the dates, the figs, the bits of dried apricot, these drops of mint essence, or myrtle liqueur, or pine liqueur… It appears that this is actually a finishing; well, in that case it’s one of the best finishings ever. Even if it’s no secret that many glorious old bottles had been re-racked, so nothing new under the sun. Finish: long, with an awesome fruity sourness. Sour cherry juice, perhaps? Also damsons, pipe tobacco, and sémillon wine yet again. Think Sauternes (and drink some, they really need our patronage these days!) Comments: it’s amazing what Signatory have released for their 30th Anniversary. May I suggest they celebrate their 31st, 32nd, 33rd, 34th etcetera in similar manners? SGP:651 – 92 points.” – $2400 – 92.4pts Whisky Base

6. Signatory Glenlochy 1980 – 51.1% – 35 Year Hoghead – 93pts Whisky Fun: “A bigger one this time, filled a few seconds after the previous cask. Not sure they would have imagined that 35 years later, some overenthusiastic whisky, err, enthusiast would clumsily try to compare both hogsheads. Colour: pale gold. Nose: certainly grassier, but that may be the higher strength. Mown lawn, crushed leaves, even hints of bay leaves, then menthol again and again, its buddy eucalyptus, and perhaps cherry stems and peach leaves, both make for some excellent herbal teas by the way. With water: some adorable farmy and barleyish whiffs. Mouth (neat): very citrusy, almost citric! Lemon drops, limoncello, melissa leaf extract… I find this totally perfect, and I remember some super-old Bladnochs that used to be like this. You’re right, some Rosebanks too. With water: more of all that, perfect. Finish: medium to long, super-zesty and clean, with a complexity that only age – not oak – can bring to malt whisky. Yeah, rambling on… Comments: totally superlative citrusy whisky. The lighter ones had more ‘obvious’ oak, this one’s truly perfect. SGP:561 – 93 points.” – $3900 – 92.42pts Whisky Base

7. Signatory Jura 1992 – 52.2% – 29 Year – Bourbon Barrel – $515

8. Signatory Unnamed Islay 1992 Single Malt – 52.5% – 28 Year – Bourbon Barrel – $665 – 92pts Whisky Base


1. Signatory 30th Anniversary Craigduff 1973 – 45.4% – 45 Year – Refill Sherry Butt – 91pts Whisky Fun: “What a coup once again! Colour: full gold. Nose: nada peat, niente, nichts, rien, nothing. On the contrary, we’re facing an exceptional fruity combination, shock full of mango jam, banana compote, overripe apples of all kinds, and various honeys. Then custard and maple syrup, Jaffa cakes (very obvious, and growing), Danish pastries, and a wee glass of Yquem 1988 (pushing things a bit, I must confess). Sultanas in homemade vanilla custard. Very lovely nose, very elegant. And I’m afraid it reminds me a bit of some old Strathislas, which does not mean anything at this point. No smoke. Mouth: I could convince myself that I’m finding a little peat, although that would be a ‘transmuted’ smokiness, rather towards herbal teas than the usual passion fruits. Notes of Turkish delights, light chutneys, mirabelles, then really a lot of acacia honey. What’s really amazing is how fresh it remained, after forty-five years in wood. Never listen to those false noses who claim that malt always goes into a decline after 30 (or 35, or 40, or 45) years in wood! There’s also a touch of camphor, or eucalyptus pastilles, which may well come from the wood. From the peat? Doubt it. Finish: medium, and rather superb, very honeyed again, with notes of lime-blossom tea. Indeed, Yquem 1988 (cut that, please). Comments: and yet another 30th anniversary bottling by SigV that’s nothing short of impressive. Could we now have a 31st Anniversary series?” – SGP:651 – 91 points.

2. Signatory 30th Anniversary Bunnahabhain 1978 – 47.8% – 40 Year – Refill Sherry Butt – My Tasting Note: “Nose: rich, sherried and nutty; classic sherry cask; Christmas cake, leather, tobacco and chocolate; candied orange, before mango, papaya and other more delicate tropical fruits emerge; waxy and antique-y with cedar shavings; maple syrup and sweet licorice. Palate: big, rich and sherried; nutty, leathery and earthy with loads of tobacco; on the palate classic Christmas cake, dark chocolate and dried dark fruits: figs, dates and prunes; clove, fennel and anise; a touch of orange and more tropical fruits beneath; still waxy and antique-y. Finish: long, nutty, drying and sherried; leather, tobacco, dark chocolate and spices continue long in to the finish; the fruits mature later as the sherry notes tone down. Comment: this is a classic old sherry bomb, and a balanced one at that; layered complex and elegant without even a trace of the dreaded “S” word.” – $1850 – 90pts Whisky Fun – Only 6 Bottles!

3. Signatory Bunnahabhain 1973 – 47.9% – 42 Year – Refill Sherry Butt – 91pts Whisky Fun: “I brought this little baby back from my latest visit at Edradour. Signatory have had some great Bunnies in he past… Colour: certainly refill indeed, since it’s golden. Nose: it’s the most floral Bunnahabhain since we started this little series. Lilac, lilies of the valley, roses… Then light all-flower honey, various aromatic herbs (wormwood?), then more raisins and dried plums. Sweet ham. I often write this, but it does remind me of some great old Sauternes. No, this time, it’s true ;-). Mouth: magic! Really punchy, with not one jota of fragility or over-oakiness, shock-full of earthy dried fruits (I’m think Turkish small figs), and becoming meatier, in a gracious way. No big beef, rather ham again. Ham and figs, did you know about this great combo? The strength is utterly adequate, you do not have to intellectualise it to enjoy it to the max – which sometimes happens with very old whiskies. Finish: medium, jammy, almost fresh, without any traces of any obvious woodiness. Rooty raisins and Saharan mint tea in the aftertaste. Comments: another coup by Signatory Vintage, bottled at just the right time. SGP:561 – 91 points.” – $2725 – 91pts Whisky Base – Only 4 Bottles!


A few new things from Edradour, including, for the first and only time in Alberta, the Edradour Cream Liqueur… The liqueur is made with Edradour Whisky and real cream. We’re only getting a little more than a dozen bottles… The rest of these are rather limited too. Only 6 each of both Edradour 21s.

1. Edradour Ballechin SFTC 10 Year Oloroso Sherry – 58.3% – 10 Year – Oloroso Sherry Matured – $170 – 2 Per Customer!

2. Edradour 21 Year – 56.2% – Matured in Bourbon / Oloroso Sherry Finish – Producer Tasting Note: “Burnt almonds, apricots, raisins, coconut and a hint of chocolate.” – $585 – 88.25pts Whisky Base – 1 Per Customer!

3. Edradour 21 Year Barolo Finish – 55.6% – Barolo Cask Finish – $440 – Limit 1 Per Customer!

4. Edradour Cream Liqueur – 17% – Producer Description: “The Edradour Cream Liqueur has been specially formulated for Edradour Distillery using only the finest ingredients, which naturally include Edradour Single Malt. Delicious on its own, pour over ice cream or in coffee. The perfect introduction, for those who are still a little unsure, to the glory of single malts.” – $54 – Limit 2 Per Customer



Behold, we have a new release of whiskies for Cooper’s Choice. Cooper’s Choice is an independent bottling line from the Vintage Malt Whisky Co., which also produces The Ileach Cask Strength and Finlaggan Cask Strength, a pair of perennial favourite whiskies at KWM. We’ve always been happy with not only the quality of bottlings from Cooper’s Choice but also the prices… This time around we have some classic bottlings of Ardmore, Coal Ila & Old Rhosdhu, a curious peated and sherried Blended Malt, a single grain and a trio of mystery malts.

1. Cooper’s Choice Ardmore 2003 – 48.5% – 17 Year – Bourbon Cask Matured – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: Dry peatsmoke with lemon notes and honey. Palate: More gentle smoke with vanilla and ginger. Finish: The smoke fade while the lemony notes remain.” – $188

2. Cooper’s Choice Caol Ila 2012 – 46% – 8 Year – Bourbon Cask Matured – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: Lemony smoke with sea salt and ash. Palate: Charred sticks and bourbon biscuits. Smoky oils with tar and sweet peat. Finish: Peppery and drying on the finish.” – $125

3. Cooper’s Choice From the Sample Room Sweet & Smoky – 44.1% – Blended Malt Finished in a Refill Sherry Butt – Caol Ila, Bunnahabhain, Laphroaig, Mortlach & Benrinnes – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: Lovely peat reek with sherry sweetness and old leather. Palate: Smoked oysters with tobacco and old leather again. Complex with sweet malt, dried fruits and bonfire ash with a smooth oily base. Finish: Soft and gentle as the smoke fades.” – $95

4. Cooper’s Choice Kilnaughton The Secret Islay – 53.5% – Rioja Cask Finish – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: Intense peat smoke with black cherries and dried figs. Palate: Oily smoke with ashes of the fire. Old leather upholstery with pipe tobacco. Juicy sweet malt with prunes. Finish: Long and lingering smoke.” – $98 – Limit 1 Per Customer – 88pts Whisky Base

5. Cooper’s Choice Loch Lomond Grain 1995 – 51% – 24 Year – Bourbon Cask Matured – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: Cocoa butter, vanilla and bourbon notes. Palate: Coconut oil and pencil shavings. Cedar spice with sweet pastries and marshmallows. Bourbon flavours come again. Finish: Good length. The bourbon remains with extra spices.” – $180

6. Cooper’s Choice Inchdarnie Lowland Smoke Finglassie – 53% – Inchdarnie Single Malt – Madeira Cask Finish – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: Sweet honeyed coal smoke and antiseptic. Palate: Peat ashes and sweet malt. Wonderful chewy depth of flavour with lots of fruit amongst the mouthcoating smoke. Finish: Long and lingering sweet smoke with more fruit.” – $112

7. Cooper’s Choice Old Rhosdhu 1994 – 47% – 27 Year – Marsala Cask Finish – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: Sweet tropical fruits with pear and apple notes. Palate: Walnuts and more fruit with toasted cereals and spices. Barley sugar. Finish: Medium length with spice and fruit.” – $325

8. Cooper’s Choice Spring Blossom Secret Lowland – 57% – Marsala Cask Finish – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: Fresh and floral bouquet of cherry blossom and citrus fruits. Palate: Sweet malt with brown sugar, tamarind and spices. Dried fruits and cereal. Finish: Medium length with more fruit and late spices.” – $115



So this is exciting… we’re the first store in Canada to get whiskies from Daftmill, and this is only the 2nd ever bottling from this distillery to come to Canada!

The 2009 Summer Batch Release was bottled in 2020 after 11 years at 46%. The release is limited to just 1785 bottles with a tiny fraction of that coming to Canada. Matured in ex-Bourbon and First Fill Ex-Sherry. More details on our website.

Daftmill 2009 Summer Batch Release 2020 – 46% – 11 Year – Bourbon & Sherry – Producer Tasting Note: “The nose is initially quite shy, and this dram benefits from a little breathing time in the glass, those with patience are rewarded with a harmoniously balance of fresh tropical fruit reminiscent of mango and cola cubes with thicker aromas of dried figs and cigar boxes. The palate is wonderfully spicey giving notes of clootie dumpling and lemon zest developing into something smoother with toffee notes and Fraserburgh butteries. The finish is exceptional with the ex-sherry casks really shining through and waves of fresh fiery gingerbread lingering.” – $200 -89.92pts Whisky Base


Our friends at the Milk & Honey Distillery in Isreal have been busy… their stocks are maturing, and they are now exporting a wider range of whiskies than just the Milk & Honey Classic Single Malt. We have a trio of new whiskies from the Elements Range: Sherry Cask, Peated, and Red Wine (read STR Cask):

1. Milk & Honey Elements Sherry Single Malt – 46% – Producer Description: “The Elements Sherry is the first ever single malt whisky that was matured in Kosher sherry casks, seasoned exclusively for our distillery – straight from Jerez. Bourbon, Oloroso, and PX sherry casks characterized its fruity flavors, rich aromas, with a special deep and natural color. Matured under the Tel Aviv sun.” – Producer Tasting Note: “Aroma: Dominant rich red fruit notes, covered by gentle oak, caramel scent, and lemon freshness. Palate: Medium-bodied. Light fruity sherry sweetness, rich fruits, and dark chocolate, followed by gentle oaky notes. Finish: Long. The dark chocolate notes linger in the palate for a while, followed by tobacco and oak notes.” – $105

2. Milk & Honey Elements Peated Single Malt Whisky – 46% – Producer Description: “The Atlantic meets the Mediterranean. This whisky was matured in casks from Islay, that soaked in smoky aromas and salty flavors, and was then blended with ex-bourbon barrel-aged single malt. The Elements Peated integrates the fruity notes of the new make into the casks’ typical Islay peaty notes; the result is a delicate, rather mellow, and lightly peated whisky.” – Producer Tasting Note: “Aroma: Delightfully fresh. A distinct smoky, earthy scent opens to a unique balance of vanilla and oak notes, with a final hint of lemon. Palate: Medium bodied. Vanilla sweetness is followed by a delicate peat touch. A light spiciness accompanies ginger and lemon flavors. Finish: Long. The peat coats the mouth, with delicate oak and lemon flavors lingering on the tongue.” – $105

3. Milk & Honey Elements Red Wine Cask – 46% – Producer Description: “Ex-red wine casks that were sourced from Israel’s finest wineries were picked for this part of the Elements trilogy. The Mediterranean’s climate, variety of soil types, hot sunny days and cool nights bring a spicy and unique flavor to Israeli wine – and in turn, our casks. The wine casks used in the Elements Red Wine are a celebration of local terroir, curating a floral single malt with notes of raisins.” – Producer Tasting Note: “Aroma: Red dried fruits, ginger, oak, and delicate coconut bouquet lead a gentle mineral perfume. Palate: Light bodied. Wine flavors coat the mouth, accompanied by subtle oak and vanilla notes, followed by gentle floral blossoms. Finish: Medium. The dried fruits and wine linger, finishing with a touch of dark raisins.” – $105


Built around a parcel of Mortlach, Compass Box Menagerie is a whisky composed from many different “species of spirit” from light and from heavy to light, fruity to smoky, and pungent to ethereal.

Producer Description: “Certain whiskies taste that little bit wilder than others, and we have brought together some of these strange and beautiful creatures to create our Menagerie. We have focused on parcels of malt whisky that in addition to their fruity or spicy charms have something animalic about them just beneath the surface. This is a whisky of mossy woods as opposed to floral meadows; Menagerie is what you put into the hipflask ahead of a Tuscan truffle hunt.

“Building on chocolatey and meaty malt whisky from the Mortlach Distillery, we have added whiskies of a citrusy and earthy nature from the Deanston Distillery. Our Highland Malt Blend – aged for a number of years in custom French oak barrels – lends a brooding spiciness, while malt whiskies from the Glen Elgin and Laphroaig distilleries bring musky tropical fruit and tarry smoke, respectively.”

Compass Box Menagerie Blended Malt Scotch Whisky – 46% – Producer Tasting Note: “Menagerie boasts a complex aroma of baking spices, leather, tar and musky fruits. The palate is engagingly lush with even more fruit, while oily smoke and forest floor notes linger in the finish.” – $155


Our third Shelter Point Rye KWM Cask has just arrived. It was a hit at the Shelter Point tasting we put on with Distillery Manager Jacob Wiebe in June. There are only 168 bottles of what might be our Shelter Point Rye KWM Cask… Don’t mind the new bottle, it is temporary. In addition to shortages of shipping containers and palettes, there is also a shortage of glass at the moment… thankfully there is at least for now, no shortage of whisky!

Shelter Point Rye KWM Cask #345 – 58.1% – 12 Year – ex-Bourbon Barrel – My Tasting Note: “Nose: decadent, toasty and spicy with juicy fruits; pancake syrup, flapjacks, and link sausage; oily with fennel and German rye bread; floral. Palate: big, oily, rich, spicy, and very decadent; more pancake syrup smothering flapjacks and sausage; fig jam on toasted pumpernickel rye; creamy with white chocolate and toasted nuts; licorice allsorts, Jujube, and even salty German licorice; chocolate-covered espresso beans, clove, and candied fennel; candied orange peel, mango salsa, and melons dusted in pepper. Finish: medium long, dark, oily, and spicy; bags of licorice, toasted oak, toasted nuts, and spices. Comment: this fits somewhere between the prior two Shelter Point Rye KWM casks; it balances the sweetness of the first with the spice of the second!” – $120 – 1/4 of the bottles have already sold!


We can’t seem to keep Arran whisky in-stock these days… and neither can our importer. No aged stuff this time around, but the following popular expressions have returned:

1. Arran Sherry Cask The Bodega – 55.8% – Sherry Matured – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: Toffee, sweet spice and fruit. Palate: Ripe fig and cherries. Finish: Dark chocolate, Mandarins, Ripe figs.” – $85

2. Arran Port Cask Finish – 50% – Finished in Port Casks – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: Cinnamon, baked apples. Palate: Vanilla spice, ripe citrus & dried fruits and nuttiness. With a splash of water more depth of mandarin citrus with fudge and honeyed notes. Finish: Spice, Bitter orange, Chocolate, Cherries.” – $80

3. Arran Sauterne Cask Finish – 50% – Finished in Sauternes Casks – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: Honey sweetness and citrus. Palate: Richly honeyed and backed with a lifting zestiness which slides into spice and zingy salt. Once the dram opens out, vanilla and sultana stand out followed by notes of toasted oak. Finish: Sweetness, Honey, Apricots, Melon, Honeysuckle.” – $80



It’s been almost a year (hard to be specific in the Covid era) since we last had this in stock. We’re getting a few more bottles, and they won’t last long. Bottled after at least 26 years, possibly 27, the Grand Vintage Malt 1991 was matured in a mix of Oloroso Sherry Butts and ex-Burgundy barrels. This is the 4th release in the Glenmorangie Bond House Collection! 43% abv.

Glenmorangie Grand Vintage Malt 1991 – 43% – 26 Year – My Tasting Note: “Nose: plum pudding, figs in honey, and Fruit & Nut chocolate bars; chocolate-covered strawberries; creme caramel and maple syrup; earthy with gentle leather and loose-leaf tobacco; dried apricots and a touch of more tropical fruits. Palate: big, rich, nutty and very fruity; more plum pudding, figs in honey and loads of jammy fruits: quince paste and mixed berry jam; more Fruit & Nut chocolate with raw new leather, and more tobacco leaf; very complex with lots of layers; more chocolate-covered strawberries, candied ginger and decadent spices; soft, earthy and musty dunnage warehouse notes; almost too many layers; underneath tropical fruits struggling to get out. Finish: long rich and very chocolatey; elegant and pleasing; fading fruits struggle with leather and gentle spices. Comment: this is a big, elegant and complex single malt which far surpassed my expectations; I’m always leary of wine casks, but they were employed deftly here; a brilliant whisky with lovely tropical fruits beneath the many other layers!” – $1000 – Limit 1 Per Customer – 90.61ps Whisky Base


Loads of exciting new KWM virtual tastings to look forward to this Fall. It is possible we’ll add a few more October events to the schedule, and the November tastings will be announced in September.

All of the tastings feature 7x 15ml samples, unless otherwise indicated!

SMWS September 2021 Virtual Outturn

·     Date: Thursday, September 2

·     Time: 8 PM

·     Cost: $45

·     Pick-Up Date: Available Now

Join the KWM Whisky Team online for a virtual tasting of the September 2021 Scotch Malt Whisky Society Canada Outturn. You’ll sample 7 whiskies from the World’s largest whisky club, never before featured in a KWM tasting. 8 PM, Thursday, September 2.

Glengoyne Vertical with Gordon Dundas

·     Date: Friday, September 17

·     Time: 5 PM

·     Cost: $65

·     Pick-Up Date: Available Now

It’s been a couple of years since we’ve seen our friend Gordon Dundas, Brand Ambassador for Glengoyne and Tamdhu Distilleries. And in the last year, they’ve rebranded the Glengoyne range, so we thought it was high time we invited him to join us for a virtual vertical tasting. We’ll be tasting Glengoyne Cask Strength as well as the 10, 12, 18, 21 25 and 30-year-olds. 5 PM, Friday, September 17.

Independent’s Day: Boutique-y Whisky with Dave Worthington Round 1

Date: Saturday, September 25·     Time: 5 PM·     Cost: $80·     Pick-Up Date: Available Now
We’ve just received a boatload of exciting new whiskies from the That Boutique-y Whisky Company, so we’ve cajoled our friend and Boutique-y Global Brand Ambassador Dave Worthington into joining us for a couple of tastings. Dave always puts on a good show, and just might be joined by Sam Simmons, aka Dr. Whisky… we never can be sure! Round I will include a mature range of malts including a closed distillery bottling…. specifically: Ben Nevis 22 Year, Caperdonich 22 Year, Glengoyne 19 Year, Inchgower 14 Year, Inchmurrin 20 Year, Irish Single Malt #1 14 Year and Tobermory 24 Year. 5 PM, Saturday, September 25

Bourbon: Learning About New Riff

·     Date: Tuesday, September 28

·     Time: 6 PM

·     Cost: $30

·     Pick-Up Date: Target September 14

New Riff is coming to Kensington Wine Market (virtually)! We can finally showcase this Newport, Kentucky Distillery that has a big focus on Bottled in Bond and Single Barrel Bourbon and Rye Whiskey. Join Evan and special guest Jay Erisman – Distiller at New Riff – for an online guided tour through 6 samples of New Riff Bourbon and Rye Whiskey. *Please note that this stating starts at 6 PM Calgary Time instead of our usual tasting time to accommodate our special guest, who will be joining us virtually from Kentucky.*

Independent’s Day: Feis Isle Take 2

·     Date: Thursday, September 30

·     Time: 8 PM

·     Cost: $100

·     Pick-Up Date: Target September 3

Our last virtual Feis Isle tasting in the Spring/Summer was a bit of a fiasco… we had to postpone it for months due to global shipping problems. And in the end, we were never able to feature a couple of the whiskies we had hoped to showcase. So we’re doing it again, but we’re taking our range up a notch. On the tasting docket this time: Boutique-y Bunnahabhain 14 Year, Boutique-y Bruichladdich 27 Year, Grace Isle 25 Year, Peat’s Beast PX, Peat’s Beast 27 Year, Signatory Caol Ila 2010 & Signatory Unnamed 1992 Islay Single Malt. 8 PM, Thursday, September 30.

Independent’s Day: Boutique-y Whisky with Dave Worthington Round 2

Date: Friday, October 15
Time:5 PM
Cost: $65
Pick-Up Date:Target September 8

We’ve just received a boatload of exciting new whiskies from the That Boutique-y Whisky Company, so we’ve cajoled our friend and Boutique-y Global Brand Ambassador Dave Worthington into joining us for a couple of tastings. Dave always puts on a good show, and just might be joined by Sam Simmons, aka Dr. Whisky… we never can be sure! Round 2 will include a pair of teaspooned “Blended Malts” believed to be 25-year-old Balvenie and 24-year-old Glen Scotia. In addition to that we’ll sample Bunnahabhain 10 Year, Glen Elgin 22 Year, Glen Garioch 29 Year, Tobermory 12 Year and an unnamed 10 Year Islay Single Malt. 5 PM, Friday, October 15

The Bowmarathon

Date: Thursday, October 21
Time:8 PM
Cost: $150
Pick-Up Date:Target September 15

What to do when you get a single bottle of a very sought-after Bowmore like the Bowmore 27 Year Timeless? Open it for a tasting so as many people can try it as possible, of course! In truth that was only part of the inspiration. There was also the desire to put two new unnamed but obvious Bowmores, the Peat’s Beast 34 Year and Islay Violets 33 Year, into a head-to-head tasting. Add to that the fact we also had two different bottlings of Bowmore 25 Year on hand at one point… To which we’ll add three more expressions, because why not! Though this is going to be a big, marathon tasting, 9 Bowmores in all, there’s no need to train in advance as we’ll coach you through your first Bowmarathon! 8 PM, Thursday, October 21.

Really Rare & Old Things Andrew Wants to Taste Take 2

Date: Thursday, October 28
Cost: $275
Pick-Up Date:Target September 17 – Likely sooner!

* Different whiskies than those pictured above… same shit-eating grin on Andrew’s face!

The concept here is pretty simple, even if the price tag appears eye-watering… there are a lot of rare and old things Andrew wants to try, and if he’s interested in them, there’s a good chance you might be too! For this round, we have a couple of closed distillery bottlings and an otherwise mature old selection of things. You’ll taste Caperdonich 2000, Clynelish 1995, Jura 1992, Mosstowie 1979, Highland Malt (Clynelish) 42 Year, Glentauchers 44 Year and Glenlivet 1973. An assortment of whiskies from Gordon Macphail, Signatory and That Boutique-y Whisky Company, which would set you back close to $12K. There are some really cool whiskies in this tasting, you won’t want to miss it! 8 PM, Thursday, October 28.

Adelphi & Ardnamurchan with Connal Mackenzie

·     Date: Friday, September 24·     Time: 5 PM·     Cost: $55·     Pick-Up Date: Available Now

Adelphi Distillery Sales Director Connal Mackenzie will be our guest as we sample a range of whiskies from Adelphi Distillery Ltd. We have five independent bottlings from their Adelphi range, including bottlings of BenRiach, Breath of Speyside, Caol Ila, Glenborrodale, and Springbank. We also have a pair of single malts, from Adelphi’s Ardnamurchan Distillery to sample, including a peated single cask. 5 PM, Friday, September 24.


Physical distancing is made easy with curb side pickup. Order online or by phone, wait for confirmation your order is ready then call us when you are out front.


We are proud to offer Free City Wide Delivery on all orders over $100 Monday-Friday! Orders under $100 are subject to a flat rate $10 deliver fee.  We are expecting high demand for delivery after the sale so please be patient!


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