Secret Highland 1985 (The Nectar of the Daily Drams)

Belgian importer The Nectar (the No.1 independant importer as they call themselves) is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year with a couple of special releases. A highlight so far is this Secret Highland 1985, a single malt of 35 years of age.

It reminds us of a similar undisclosed expression that was recently bottled by The Whisky Agency, which was rumoured to be undisclosed Glenmorangie.


Secret Highland 35 yo 1985 (47,2%, The Nectar of the Daily Drams 2021, 15th Anniversary)

Nose: “old” fruity notes up front. Mirabelles, ripe apples, peaches. Furniture polish, dried wildflowers, a hint of dusty books and plenty of waxy notes. Subtle hints of shoe polish. Several types of honey as well, heather honey for sure. Also grated coconut and a little spearmint. Multi-layered and elegant.

Mouth: rich, oily and fairly sweet. It starts on Earl Grey tea and vanilla. It’s all melted together so there are few recognizable fruits, except maybe a little tangerine. Herbal tea with honey, mint leaves and a little cake. Later some milk chocolate, waxy notes and a hint of leather. Very silky, with just a hint of rounded oak. Even a puff of (cask) smoke in the background.

Finish: medium, warm and rounded, on orange peel, leafy notes and honey.

On the same (high) level as the TWA cask, showing an impressively vibrant profile despite the age, and a great combination of herbal sweetness and rounded oak. Best price I could find was € 380 from The Bonding Dram.

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