Whisky Wednesday Reviews Famous Grouse: Smoky Black – Scotch Whisky News

Matthew Gloag created The Grouse in 1896, renamed The Famous Grouse in 1905. Classicslly, Famous Grouse would contain Macallan and Highland Park. But Smoky Black uses an in-house peated malt produced by Glenturret once a year called Ruddy Mhor.

Edrington don’t own Glenturret anymore, it’s now in Lalique’s hands. But they still own the Famous Grouse brand. So even though it contains peated Glenturret, other whiskies within the Edrington umbrella could be within it: Bowmore, Highland Park, Macallan? Glen Garioch.

2,000,000 cases annually and Royal Warrant in 1984 have allowed the brand to become one of the best selling, and most well known in Scotch whisky.


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