Glengoyne The Legacy Chapter One Scotch Review

By Alex Southgate

Rating: B

Glengoyne Legacy Chapter One
(Credit: Ian Macleod Distillers)

I’m noticing recently that there seem to be an awful lot of “Legacy” brands coming out of various different distilleries. I’m not by any means saying this is a bad thing, but there is definitely an observable theme. The particular legacy we’re looking at today is Glengoyne: The Legacy Series Chapter One. This Highland single malt is the first In the Legacy Series of whiskeys from the Glengoyne Distillery and has been created to commemorate the life and achievements of a man who had a real vision for what Glengoyne could become.

Cochran Cartwright was the Distillery Manager at Glengoyne from 1869, and was the first to introduce the use of Sherry casks into the distillery process there. He also dramatically slowed this process down to help create a superior end product. To be more specific, this Glengoyne expression is aged in First-Fill European oak Oloroso Sherry casks, before being moved to Glengoyne’s re-fill casks.

The Scotch
The first thing that has to be noted with this whiskey is the presentation. You may well be drawn to a bottle by the way it looks and this one stands out on the shelf. Considering that this is an upper-mid priced whisky Glengoyne have gone all out to make the bottle look sophisticated and classy.

In both the bottle and the glass this single malt is golden in hue. This isn’t what you’d call a viscous whiskey but has enough body to it to cling easily to the glass.

The first thing you notice to the nose is a fruity sweetness. Having now learned that Sherry casks are used in the distillery process, this makes perfect sense. The aroma is rich, juicy and really inviting. Backing these initial tones up is the scent of cherry, coupled with just a dash of vanilla, and heavier, biscuity notes that help give the fruit odors body and bring everything together.

To the taste this is definitely a whiskey that is bursting with fruit but paired with a lovely savoriness so as not to make Glengoyne The Legacy Series Chapter One sickly or overpowering. The initial alcoholic burn that comes over on your first sip swiftly mellows, warming the mouth and giving way to flavors of berries. The finish is savory, the richness that comes with roasted wheat.

All in all this is a complex and thoroughly enjoyable single malt. Perfect for a quiet night in this is the sort of thing I would drink with friends and make a talking point. It’s not crazy expensive but at the same time I think this would still be a bottle I’d save for an occasion rather than just drinking myself. This being said if you like your whiskeys more fruity and less earthy this might be a solid choice.

The Price
Glengoyne The Legacy Series Chapter One comes it at around the £55 mark for those of us on this side of the Pond. In the U.S., it fetches $75 to $90.

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