Whisky Influencer Brett Ferencz Passed Away, Age 42

Some Brief Words About Brett Ferencz, aka The Scotch Trooper

By Kurt Maitland

(Credit: Scotch Trooper’s Facebook)

We just lost quite a figure in the whisk(e)y community. He was not a blender, distiller or brand owner. He was just a person that melded his three great passions — Star Wars, whiskies and let’s not forget his photography — into something that could be enjoyed by all.

As we all know, social media can be a hazardous place at times. It is a powerful tool that can be used for good or for ill, like “the Force” of Brett’s beloved Star Wars. As The Scotch Trooper, his use of Star Wars toys and miniatures posed with bottles of different whiskies via Instagram, never failed to bring the whisk(e)y world joy and light.

Whisk(e)y should be fun. For fans, it’s paired with good times, friends, and stories. In his way, Brett made that combination better. He turned the “should” into a promise. Whether it was by through his photos or by his ever-present good cheer, whisk(e)y was more fun when he was around. To be honest, it is hard to avoid the word “fun” when talking about him. Every mention of Brett during this sad time I cannot help but think what a good person he was. I got to hang with him a few times over the years and never did we fail to have a few laughs accompanied with a dram or two.

All our best to his wife and children during this trying time. We lost a friend; they lost a husband and father.

“I didn’t lose my battle with cancer. At best it was a tie. I took the Death Star down with me.”
Brett Joseph Ferencz

August 15, 1978 – February 11, 2021

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