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Enjoy a bespoke Scottish whisky tour without even leaving the house

Whisky fan and collector Sandy Wilkie has put his newly developed, bespoke whisky tours around Scotland on hold while much of the world is under Covid restrictions and travel is difficult or banned. Launch was planned for March, but as the exclusive tours will take place in a Porsche Carrera, social distancing is impossible!

Instead, he’s taking the tour online with tasting sessions for whisky lovers around the globe. Yes, wherever you are you can get involved. Sandy will be sending out samples from his own large and very exciting collection, some which you may not have heard of before or had the chance to taste, making these sessions particularly exclusive.

But it’s more than just about tasting the whisky. Sandy ensures each session is interesting, educational and fun too, including a whisky quiz and information about the Scottish distilleries – the history, the owners, staff and the whisky they produce. Great for safe socialising with other whisky lovers too. Sandy, who is Scottish himself enjoys long-standing relationships with many of the distilleries, and his knowledge about them and his country is second to none – and he really enjoys sharing everything. Whisky truly is a passion of his.

“While I’m disappointed that my in-person tours are on hold for now, the online version is be the next best thing,’’ says Sandy. “Whisky can be enjoyed anywhere and I’m looking forward to sharing my own collection, which is not something I’ve done before. Wherever they are in the world, whisky lovers can dial in, sip, learn and have fun.”

Visit www.greenhillfusion.com for more information, prices and to book your tasting. You can also call Sandy on 07596 853425.

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