DYC 15 Year Old 60th Anniversary Whisky Review

By Emma Briones

Rating: B+

DYC 15 Year Old Spanish Single Malt
(Credit: Emma Briones)

Being around for 60 years is quite a long time, even for a whisky distillery. And a huge accomplishment if we take into account that it is located in Spain. A place where, even nowadays, it is not common to distill whisky. So, to celebrate, DYC releases the oldest Spanish single malt to date: DYC 15 Year Old.

DYC 15 is the second release of their limited-edition range, Maestros Destiladores. A whisky 100% produced in Spain. It has aged for 15 years in American Oak barrels, has been bottled at 40% ABV and only 12.000 bottles are available.

The Whisky
This special DYC is golden on the glass. On the nose, it is quite fresh and fruity. It starts with vanilla and oak notes and then moves forward to intense fruit notes: green apple peel and apricot, with a cherry touch. There are also some floral notes, with a souvenir of Jasmin.

On the palate, it is intense but with a light body. It highlights its fruitier side, with cherry, apricot, and peaches notes. Some mellow vanilla and honey notes, and a touch of nuts. It is quite sweet, marzipan-like. Towards the end, some subtle oak and malt notes. The finish is medium with a spicy touch.

We tend to dislike what we do because it is not good enough or not as good what others do. And, sometimes, you have to take some distance to see it differently. What DYC has done with its 12 and 15 year old is offer a good value whisky. Also, this 15 year old is very powerful on the palate even though its light body. Great for warm weather.

The Price
DYC 15 is priced at €29.95 ($36.50).

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