Kamiki Sakura Whisky “The world’s first whisky brand finished in Japanese sakura and cedar casks” – Japanese Whisky News

Osaka, JAPAN, 25th January 2021

Yoshino is proudly share that Kamiki Sakura “ The world’s first whisky brand finished in Japanese sakura and cedar casks” is on the market and has been offering whisky-lovers around the world a taste of Japanese spring since 2019

In this special bottling, notes of wild cherry and distinct sandalwood notes of Kamiki are present. We have brought together the timeless traditions of the ancient Japanese capital Nara and the sacred Sakura tree to create a unique whisky. With over 10 accodales from various competitions around the globe, enjoy the unique Kamiki Whisky that brings taste of Japan in a bottle to the world..

Here are the medals from the most prestigious and progressive International Spirits Competitions:

• “94.00 points” from 2021 Jim Murrray Whisky Bible
• “DOUBLE GOLD” medal from 2020 Cigar & Spirits Magazine Competition
• “91 Points” from 2020 Ultimate Spirit Challange.
• “DOUBLE GOLD” medal from 2019 Cigar & Spirits Magazine Competition
• “GOLD” medal from 2019 China Wine and Spirits Awards.
• “PLATINUM” Award from 2019 SIP Awards
• “DOUBLE GOLD” Award from 2019 Women’s Wine & Spirit Awards.
• “CONSUMER’S CHOICE” Award from 2019 SIP Awards
• “INNOVATION” Award from 2019 SIP Awards
• “DOUBLE GOLD” from 2019 Las Vegas Spirit Awards
• “GOLD” from 2019 San Diego Spirit Awards

About Yoshino Spirits:

Yoshino Spirits (headquarters located in Osaka) is a private company exporting finest Japanese whiskey, wine and spirits to the world placing the highest priority on building relationships of trust between domestic manufacturers and customers all over the world.

For further information please visit www.yoshinospirits.com

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