The Whistler Double Oaked Irish Whiskey Review

By Douglas Fraser

Grade: B-

The Whistler Double Oaked Irish Whiskey
(Credit: Douglas Fraser)

Boann Distillery offers a wide range of Irish whiskeys, and is part of modern revival of the Irish whiskey industry. The distillery often experiments with an arrange of cask finishes which creates many different expressions that Boann offers. From single malts and single grains to blends and those different cask finishes mentioned above, Boann does it all. As mentioned in my review of their Imperial Stout finish, they are also a brewery and use their beer to influence their whiskeys. I expect an interesting future ahead for Boann Distillery.

The Whiskey
The Whistler Double Oaked is the second of four whiskies I have tasted from the Boann Distillery. Overall, it was very fruity and light, but lacked depth and complexity. The Double Oaked expression is a blend of 80% grain whiskey and 20% single malt. It is matured in ex-bourbon barrels married with ex-sherry casks. The Double Oaked is bottled at 40% ABV.

Color: Burnt Gold

The nose was full of intense grassy aromas, some floral sweetness aside notes of vanilla, honeysuckle, green apple, pineapple, banana, and melon. The palate was heavily fruity and nutty with notes of honey, cereal, banana, citrus fruits, and spice on the front but fades after a few seconds. The finish is rather short and light with lingering notes of oak, citrus fruits, and oats.

The Price
The Whistler Double Oaked can be found for $40.

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