New Release! Aberlour 14 Year Old Batch 0001 at Hard To Find Whisky – Scotch Whisky News


Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Batch 0001 | 14 Year Old | 40% ABV | 70cl

Introducing Aberlour 14 year old. A new expression, produced in individual batches, that celebrates the best that nature has to offer and a belief that sometimes, less is more.

Aberlour’s artisanal philosophy combines the makers’ careful craft with a deep understanding and respect for the natural maturation process. This approach allows the finest, now locally sourced, barley and pure Birkenbush spring water to retain their inherent character; imparting soft and gentle hints of blackcurrant and citrus to the unique new make distillate. Signature flavour notes that are still discernible in the final aged product.

The Whisky is then nurtured for 14 years in only the very best handpicked Oloroso sherry casks for aromatic ginger notes, and a higher proportion of first fill American oak casks for a deep, rich, creaminess.

What emerges from the cask is rich yet rounded.
Subtle yet spicy. Bold yet elegant.

This is Aberlour 14 year old, a delicate balance of nature and nurture.



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