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Drammer Releases a New Whisky App

Three years after its first release, the Drammer whisky app got renewed. The user interface got a modern look and feel and speed improvements were implemented. Many features, like collection and review management, barcode scanner and taste filters remained unchanged. After this update, whisky lovers have faster access to their digital whisky world. Drammer whisky app is freely available for Android and iOS
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The popularity of whisky becomes bigger and bigger, and so does the Drammer user base. The modern look and feel makes the Drammer future ready. With this growth came the need for faster approval of newly added whiskies. As a result the moderation dashboard got an overhaul for a better approval process.

All-in-on whisky app

With its extensive feature list, Drammer is one of the most feature complete apps around. Drammer allows you to manage your collection and reviews, read the latest whisky news and discover new whiskies by their tasting profile. Besides this you can scan the barcode of every whisky to read detailled bottle information. If the bottle is not yet listed in Drammer’s database, you can easily add it with a few clicks.

Social whisky network

In the world of whisky there is lots to learn. Drammer want to stimulate this by enabling to share whisky experiences. Reading what other users are buying or tasting helps to discover new bottles. All users with a Drammer account can become friends. A personal timeline helps to track your friends’ activities.

New whiskies are added to the database every day. To avoid database pollution, each newly added bottle will be checked by hand. This way duplicates and inconsistencies are being avoided.

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