Strathclyde 50 Years at The Whisky Barrel – Scotch Whisky News

50 Year Old 1969 Sovereign Exclusive
Cask #17254


LAST BOTTLES – 1969 single cask from the Glasgow distillery. Strathclyde 50 Year Old 1969 vintage Lowland single grain Scotch whisky. Single cask refill barrel #16642 distilled September 1969 bottled October 2019 by Hunter Laing & Co. for the Sovereign series. Selected and bottled exclusively for The Whisky Barrel. Just 150 numbered bottles. Nose: This dark gold whisky has a nose of red berries, menthol and dark chocolate. Palate: Sweet but mellow with notes of apple, candy floss and toffee. Finish: Long, with a vanilla sweetness.

Strathclyde Distillery was established in 1927 on a site which had previously supported mills in Moffat Street by the south bank of the River Clyde in the heart of Glasgow. Strathclyde Distillery is a Lowland grain whisky distillery equipped with two Coffey continuous stills for grain whisky production and also a further five Coffey continuous stills which produce neutral spirit. Loch Katrine situated amongst the hills to the north of Glasgow provides the water. In 1957 Kinclaith malt distillery was constructed within the Strathclyde Distillery complex but closed in 1975 and was dismantled the following year.

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