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New Release: The Likely-Final, Limited Batch of a Bourbon Bestseller

Doc Swinson’s 15 Year Old “Rare Release Batch #9” K&L Exclusive Exploratory Cask Series

Nonchillfiltered Small Batch Cask Strength Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey (750ml) (Pre-Arrival) ($149.99)

“…the simple fact of the matter is that no other bourbon on the market can offer everything that Docs does at this price.” — David Othenin-Girard, K&L SoCal Spirits Buyer

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Here it is, what is likely the final batch in an incredible run of 15-year-old bourbons from Doc Swinson’s. Those who were lucky enough to enjoy the previous releases will know that these bourbons are utterly fantastic. While the original source remains unknown—is it Beam, Heaven Hill, Barton, or some other distiller?—what is known is that they are about as deliciously engaging as they come. This fourth in the series is every bit as compelling as its predecessors and is one of the sharpest values one can find in collectible bourbon. If you haven’t had a chance to taste these inspired bottlings, then you must give this rendition a spin. You’ll understand instantly why the previous casks have sold out in record time. With collectible bourbon priced into the stratosphere, it is a real boon to find a bottling this special for just under $150. We expect our allocation will disappear in short order, so time is of the essence in securing this rare treasure.

Doc Swinson’s 15 Year Old “Rare Release Batch #9” K&L Exclusive Exploratory Cask Series Nonchillfiltered Small Batch Cask Strength Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey (750ml) (Pre-Arrival) ($149.99) —This product is expected to arrive for shipment or pickup by Thursday, December 31, 2020.

Doc Swinson’s has become an absolute sensation in the bourbon world. The skeptics have been silenced and countless bourbon lovers have fallen in love with their exceptional exploratory cask 15 year. It would be negligent not to mention that for those paying attention, the first batch of 15 year old (batch #6) has now become a serious collector’s item. Its successors, batches #7 & #8, sold at record speeds and have been received with equal gusto by aficionados and amateurs alike. Amazingly, our friends at Docs have secured this new batch of 15 year. It’s the same exact bourbon as the first three batches. As the supplier for this bourbon is extremely concerned with the preventing its source from being disclosed, the 29 barrels that went into this excellent small batch bourbon were dumped in KY before being trucked in inert containers to Washington for bottling. This batch was slightly larger than the last three at 4200 bottles, an increase of 240 bottles/two barrels. The gorgeous truth about these awesome bourbons is that each batch has its own amazing character built around an amazing core of classic flavors. Expect a richly-textured, mature bourbon character with aromas of leather, baking spice, brandied cherries, chocolate and fresh wintergreen. Perfect balance between sweet and savory on the palate with a long warming finish. Sadly, according to the bottler, this is the last of these 15 years, although they assure us they’re pushing for more. We’re prayin’ they succeed.

David Othenin-Girard | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: December 08, 2020

Another delicious batch of Doc Swinson’s is here, unbelievably. They’ve said this is the final batch and there isn’t more in the pipeline currently. I’m praying they’re wrong. In any case, these last three batches of Docs have been extremely well received. I suspect each bourbon lover will have their favorite batch, but ultimately after tasting them multiple times together, it’s really hard to pick a front runner. There are plenty of similar qualities but each batch is different, which is the gorgeous beauty of true small batch bourbon. One thing that’s not in question is that the quality across the board is undeniable. I’m still not able to convincingly determine the source. The smart money seems to be on Beam at this point, but many have speculated it’s Heaven Hill and I was certain the first batch tasted like Barton. In any case, the simple fact of the matter is that no other bourbon on the market can offer everything that Docs does at this price point. While it’s certainly not inexpensive, there’s inherent value in what these guys are doing, and considering we’ve sold over 2500 bottles across the various batches, it seems that many, many people agree with that assessment. Let’s have a taste: the nose here has big roasted pecans and caramelized sugar. This builds toward cinnamon sticks and vanilla bean. The palate is heavy and rich (probably the thickest feeling of the three recent batches) and has tons of sweet oak. The spices taking over in the middle are kept at bay by the rich nutty sweetness toward the finish. I’m still unable to determine which batch I like best. It seems to depend on my mood. That said, it doesn’t really matter. They’re all excellent and remain a complete anomaly in a category that seems to ubiquitously ask us to fight for every bottle – the most beautiful thing about Docs is that it’s here – until, of course, it’s not.

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