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Firstly a big hello to all our lovely customers.  We hope you have been keeping well.  Things have been quiet our end but most importantly we just hope everyone is keeping safe and as positive as can be in this time.

We couldn’t not release something for Christmas and came across a leaking cask so we have a very special low run of Laphroaig 2006. Just in time for Christmas we are pleased to offer this extremely low run of Laphroaig.  Due to a leaking cask only 48 bottles were saved.  We are lucky we spotted in it time for this short run bottling! Aged for 14 Years old this Laphroaig has gained a good colour naturally from it’s bourbon barrel, especially because the liquid was very concentrated.  Beautiful bourbon flavours along with classic Islay peat and a strength that a dropped to 40.3% makes for a superb dram.


– Laphroaig 2006  –
Aged 14 Years

Distilled 14.8.2006 – Bottled 16.8.2020 – 40.3%vol – Cask No. 01 – 48 bottles


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