Pinhook Bohemian High Proof Bourbon Review (2020)

By Richard Thomas

Rating: B-

Heretofore, Pinhook has been known for its sourced whiskeys rather than its in-house production from Castle & Key. This first batch of Bohemian represents a shift towards the latter, as this inaugural high proof expression (114.5 proof to be exact), is drawn from the first 100 barrels of their bourbon made and aged at what used to be the Old Taylor Distillery. Those barrels were filled with new make made from 75% corn, 10% rye, and 15% malted barley, and aged for 34 months.

The Pinhook plan is to release a single barrel, straight and high proof version of a bourbon and a rye whiskey each year. These are named after race horses, and Bohemian is a first in that respect as well: she is the first filly to appear on a Pinhook label.

The Bourbon
Bohemian has a pale copper appearance, and a nose that blends musty wood with apricots and citrus zest. One might call it floral, but it’s way too ballsy for that. The palate moves away from those fruity notes, running to a candy current of caramel that turns to butterscotch, tied onto a chunk of spicy wood. That last note is what carries over into the finish.

The Price
Pinhook Bohemian is $50 a bottle.

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