Widow Jane The Vaults 14 Year Old Review


Lisa Wicker is taking Widow Jane Distillery in an interesting direction with the Vaults series. Like with other Widow Jane Bourbons, its a blend of multiple producers, but this series is finished in staves that have been seasoned for eight years. From the perspective of flavouring, there’s a lot going on, and it all fits in nicely. 

Seasoned staves are a great way to add additional flavour to a whisky. Think of it as a flavour booster. Buffalo Trace Distillery, Hiram-Walker, and Maker’s Mark all have used staves in their product line-up. Often, these whiskies come at a premium price-point. This is no exception, though for a fourteen year old whisky it’s priced well. It’s just under 50% ABV, which plays well on the palate. 

Widow Jane 11.4.19 Vaults 14
: TN+IN, NDP, Seasoned Staves
ABV: 49.5%
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Nose: Reminiscent of MGP rye, the nose has that floral element with hints of dill. There’s plenty of brown sugar and caramel sweetness, and a nice barnyard wafty layer. This nose isn’t intense, it’s gentle and subtle, but definitely welcoming. 

Palate: So much citrus, brown sugar, and plenty of peppery spice. There’s a terrific buttery layer that’s present through the tasting. The finish is rye-dill, brown sugar, and great dry tannins with a nice buttery layer. Herbal notes there there, but fairly light. 

Conclusion: This continues to remind me of rye grain influences from MPGI, but there’s a nice brown sugar element that could only come form Tennessee. The complexity is nice, subtle, and the herbal note that comes through elevates this whisky. It fits the bill of a complex older bourbon. 

Disclaimer: Thanks to Widow Jane for sending me a bottle. It had no affect my review, but it did encourage me to write a review. 

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